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Only Monarch Murphy Beds provides outstanding quality, American-made wall beds, desk beds, and cabinet beds that are customized to ensure you receive just what you need. It would be our pleasure to help you find a Murphy bed that caters to your lifestyle.

The Story Behind Monarch Murphy Beds

Shelly Renee- Owner Of Monarch

Shelly Renee


The story behind Monarch Murphy beds…

Growing up in Northern California, I saw Monarch butterflies all the time. I caught the caterpillars, gave them names, patiently watched them form into cocoons and eventually set them free as beautiful butterflies. Little did I know this experience would prove significant in my adult life raising 2 daughters and so much more.

In August of 2022, my fiancé Nick and I decided to move over 3,000 miles across the country to start our new life together in Florida which meant giving up so much. One of the hardest things to leave was my job, I had been selling murphy beds for over 8 years and occasionally managed a few stores as it was my passion and greatest professional joy. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of helping people design their space with quality functional furniture that solved their special challenges with an outstanding result. It gave me purpose and an avenue for my talents. Nick suggested I open my own store in Florida and found myself elated with this idea!

Now the big decision…What do I name the business? It had to mean something to me. While sitting in my new home office in Sarasota, Florida, I saw four Monarch butterflies chasing each other around a tree in my backyard. Watching them made me feel at home, then it came to me…

Monarch butterflies also go through a migration of over 3,000 miles; they transform from their comfortable caterpillar form into a tight cocoon with less movement and eventually emerge into a beautiful butterfly, even their wings open and close similarly to a murphy bed! Not only did this give me the metaphor of the iconic murphy bed product but also reflected the metamorphosis of my own life experiences. The Monarch Murphy Bed name reflected the authenticity of my passion!

At Monarch Murphy Beds we strive for 100% happy customers while transforming their space with exceptional and iconic quality furniture, outstanding style, and an engaging consultative customer experience.

When I was a little girl living in Northern California, I was surrounded by monarch butterflies everywhere I went. When the caterpillars were small, I would collect them, give them names, and care for them until they created a cocoon and eventually developed into beautiful butterflies. After that, I would let them go. Although I was unaware then, the lessons I picked up during this transition would later prove helpful in my adult life.

Watching a monarch butterfly grow from an egg to an adult can be fascinating. Some monarchs are known to live for up to nine months! It takes one year to go through all four generations, representing four distinct species of monarch butterflies, before returning to the first generation and starting the cycle again. In February and March, the last generation of monarch butterflies that hibernate comes out to find a mate. These months are known as “mating season.” After mating, they will fly to the north and east to lay their eggs. Here they begin again with stage one of the life cycle of a monarch butterfly, as well as the first generation of a new year, which starts with the laying of eggs.

As I grew older and moved to another town in California in my 30s, I rarely saw butterflies, except for the occasional sighting. But when I made the big move to Sarasota, Florida, in August 2022, I was reminded of my childhood memories while sitting in my new home office. As I watched four monarchs fluttering and playing in my backyard, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and joy as they danced near a tree in the bright sunlight. It reminded me how much I missed the beauty and grace of these creatures.

Moving 3,000 miles across the country with my fiancé to start a new life was a difficult decision, as it meant giving up many things I loved, including my job as a manager and seller of Murphy beds, also known as wall beds. I had been in the industry for over eight years, and had grown to love everything about helping people design their spaces with functional furniture that solved multiple problems. I had a passion for my work and enjoyed going to work each day, as I am a people person who thrives on helping others solve their problems. So when my fiancé suggested that I open my store in Florida, I was thrilled to expand my reach to help more customers in a new environment and test my strengths.

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Choosing a name for my business was a big decision, as it had to hold personal significance and tell my story. I wanted my customers to see my genuine passion for this business. One night, as I sat quietly in my room, the perfect name came to me. Monarch butterflies go through a migration, just as I recently migrated from the west coast to the east coast. I also thought about how they transformed from a comfortable, fuzzy caterpillar form into a cocoon with less movement or room, similar to how I had downsized from a larger house to a smaller one with my move. The butterfly then breaks from the cocoon and unfolds its colorful wings, just like how our Murphy beds unfold and transform a small space from one function to another. (Thankfully, I had two Murphy beds that I brought with me for my new smaller space!) And just like the butterfly, I hope to expand and spread my wings in the future, but everything takes patience and time. You can’t rush the cocoon! This metaphor made sense to me because of how my life is changing right now and how I see the future of my business.

As all these ideas swirled in my mind, I realized the connection between a Murphy bed or wall bed and the transformation of a small, cramped space into something beautiful and functional. It left me happy and in awe. The idea of a monarch, especially the queen, inspired me to become the queen of my dreams and build a monarchy of stores with happy owners, employees, and customers one day. The monarch butterfly symbolizes change, hope, and new beginnings. This butterfly is also a sign of transformation and rebirth. Monarch Murphy Beds arose from my desire to spread my wings and do what I was born to do: help others.

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Our Murphy Bed system offers a creative sleep and work option when you need more space and functionality. We provide innovative solutions for your living spaces, guest rooms, children’s bedrooms, home offices, and more. Our products are both high-quality and fashionable. Explore our Murphy bed designs—you can choose the finish, bed size, and type of mattress for your wall bed or chest bed in traditional and contemporary styles.