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Earth Day: Benefits of Real Wood

On Earth Day and every day, real wood furniture guarantees that you can keep your furniture in your home (and out of the landfill) for decades.

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4 Creative Tips for Styling a Murphy Bed

Whether your small space needs some creative styling, or you are designing a guest room for your visitors, functional and versatile Murphy beds are an excellent option.

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Sheets and Sleep Quality

One of the most basic items you need for every bed is a good set of sheets. How does your choice of sheets affect sleep quality?

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Why to Buy a Murphy Bed in 2024

While you may not correlate the concepts of “hideaway bed” and “innovative home decor”, read on. There are compelling reasons to buy a Murphy bed this year.

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How to Choose: Mattress Firmness

Mattress firmness and the level of support it provides the body is key to a good night’s sleep – but this measurement can be highly subjective.

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6 Surprising Ways We Sabotage Our Sleep

Quality rest is critical to overall health and well-being – which is why it is so troubling to learn just how easily we can sabotage our own desire to lie down and sleep deeply.

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Creating a Sense of Bedroom Space

To recharge and wake up ready for the day, your bedroom space and interior design should tend towards open space and neat, ordered style.

space saving beds, hidden beds, Monarch Murphy Beds

The Feng Shui of Bedroom Design

In modern times, the principles of feng shui are often used to design a harmonious home, making minor adjustments that create a more peaceful, balanced energy in your space.