3 Distinctly Florida Ways to Upgrade Your Home

The real estate market continues to be brisk, and homes in Florida are in high demand. Many homeowners are looking for ways to maximize the value of their homes before a sale, and we have the ideas you need. After all, while life inside a house may be the same wherever you live, life in Florida is distinctly different – and people coming here looking for a home will love these thoughtful additions to upgrade your home. Here are 3 Floridian tips to make your home irresistible to buyers.
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  1. Outdoor Living: While the Sunshine State is mostly known for its summer heat, locals know that the rest of the year can be amazing. In fact, from fall through spring, we spend a lot more time outdoors, whether grilling, entertaining, or working in the garden. This makes our outdoor spaces as important as our indoor spaces. Popular ways to upgrade the outdoors include building a deck with a sitting area, adding a flower or vegetable garden, installing a water feature such as a fountain or koi pond, or designing a front porch surrounded by a picket fence. Outdoor living is important to Floridians, so providing beautiful, comfortable, or functional outdoor areas will surely put your home at the top of their list. Don’t forget to add some shady spaces to allow for relaxation without worries about too much sun exposure.
  2. Hurricane Ready: Every region of the country has its pros and cons, and ours is no different. While Florida showcases bright blue skies, towering palms, and pristine beaches, it also is prone to hurricanes and other major seasonal storms. The key to facing hurricane season is preparedness, from emergency food stores and batteries to protecting our home structurally. A fantastic way to add value to your home is to add high-impact windows to protect the house. While these windows are required by law with new construction or renovations, some older homes may still have older models that need upgrading. Generators are another way for homeowners to be ready for a big storm. Generators can be permanently installed, or consumers can purchase a portable version to support essential items in case of an outage. Hurricanes shutters are a significant benefit when selling your home and will even help the new buyer with lower insurance costs. Finally, home sellers may wish to install a new roof if the old one is deteriorating, as a Florida roof plays a vital role in temperature control and weather protection.
  3. Murphy Bed Guest Rooms: One of the realities of moving to Florida is that your home suddenly becomes a destination for friends and families. That makes the guest room a must-have feature, but not everyone’s home and lifestyle can afford to set aside a room to be rarely used. Contemporary Murphy beds are the best way to add accommodation for the inevitable guests while still having the option of utilizing the room for other purposes throughout the year. Whether a bookcase, a cabinet, an executive desk, or a dining area, a Murphy bed expands the options and gives your home an extra bedroom without needing additional square footage or an addition.

Monarch Murphy Beds has a North Sarasota showroom that can provide you with product knowledge and hands-on experience to make the best choice for your home. And while we believe that a stylish, quality Murphy bed will increase your home’s value and make it even more desirable to buyers, we would completely understand if you couldn’t part with it when you moved.

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