3 Weird (But Cool) Furniture Facts

The furniture you choose defines your home’s personality, but few people think about the history and science of the pieces that fill their space. It is hard to comprehend that there was a time in history when people lived without the furniture we consider essential. However, we can trace the origins of specific types of furniture back thousands of years. Today, furniture is a part of everyday life, creating a comfortable and utile house while also presenting the opportunity to be elegant, sophisticated, or beautiful.

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Furniture allows for relaxation, provides ambiance, and offers beneficial functionality. No matter what size home you live in – from a studio apartment to a sprawling estate – the importance of choosing the most suitable furniture for your life and lifestyle doesn’t change. Here are a few interesting facts surrounding the furniture you may have considered mundane until today.

  1. Chairs Were Reserved for Noble Social Classes: Although it may seem odd to modern people, in medieval times, only those with royal or noble bloodlines were considered to have the authority to sit on chairs. Those with lower social status stood in the presence of anyone of higher station. They typically utilized stools within their own homes or social settings with their peers. While chairs are known to be one of the less expensive pieces of furniture today, the famous designer Yves Saint Laurent was said to be the owner of the world’s most costly chair, valued at $28 million.
  2. Colors Affect Productivity and Mood: You may think that you are choosing furniture based solely on fashion and preference – but the color of the furniture can significantly impact your lifestyle. For instance, those designing workplaces understand that bright colors can inspire creativity and brainstorming. Dark colors, however, can have the opposite effect. Furniture in blue and green hues evokes serenity and calm, while red or orange furniture communicates energy, power, and confidence. Yellow encourages feelings of happiness and optimism, but too much yellow can cause subconscious anxiety – so homeowners should opt for yellow accent pieces or decor items such as pillows or floral bouquets.
  3. The Bed Also Has an Interesting History: Without proper sleep, the body is vulnerable to disease, and the brain struggles to concentrate, think clearly, and process memories – but throughout history, the bed has looked very different than we know it today. Excavated prehistoric caves revealed raised stone beds likely covered with grass, leaves, straw, and animal hides. Ancient Persians utilized goatskins filled with water for beds, while Egyptians filled their mattresses with palm leaves and branches. Elite members of Egyptian and Assyrian society had high wooden beds decorated with gold, ivory, and mother-of-pearl overlays. Beds were constructed on high frames that integrated steps and curtains. Western European beds were often little more than raised stone boxes to avoid dirt and drafts. In fairly recent times, mattresses emerged as we know them today, with the spring coil mattress being invented in 1871 and memory foam appearing on the market in 1966.

The Murphy bed has a colorful history of its own and has secured its place in the evolution of functional and beautiful furniture. Contemporary Murphy bed designs are transforming how homeowners look at their space and the role of furniture in that space. If you are looking for creative yet elegant ways to maximize your home’s square footage and functionality, the Murphy bed may be your solution. While these beds may not seem historic right now, perhaps one day, people will talk about how they changed the way we sleep.

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