4 Reasons You Need a Murphy Bed

In the past, this blog has shared the history of Murphy beds and discussed some weird facts about furniture. We’ve discussed how safe Murphy beds are and explored the fascinating story of how a well-known interior designer helped to catapult Murphy beds back into the spotlight in the last decade. But in this article, we are taking a basic look at a fundamental question – do you really need a Murphy Bed? We suggest that you do – and here are four reasons why.

Euro Desk Bed (shown w/ hutch)

  1. Your Guests Deserve It: Houseguests rarely have the best sleeping accommodations when they visit, often being relegated to a futon, pull-out couch – or the oldest bed in the house. A guest room can be the most neglected room in your home, but it doesn’t have to be. By installing a Murphy bed, you are providing your guests with a stylish bed that doesn’t sacrifice size or comfort. Air mattresses can deflate, and pull-out sofas typically expect you to sleep on a wafer-thin mattress – but your Murphy bed will provide a fantastic night’s sleep. In fact, as we pointed out recently, your guests may not want to leave.
  2. You Need the Space: Americans need space, and we never have enough of it – that’s why we have storage units and three-car garages. You need a Murphy bed because it allows you to optimize the use of the space in your home. By night, the Murphy bed is the center of a bedroom, but by day, it is a chic yet unobtrusive piece of furniture in your home gym, playroom, or office. A Murphy bed gives you the opportunity to use the same space for two functions, maximizing the utility of your square footage. Don’t forget, you can also add side piers to your Murphy bed, providing all-in-one storage and functionality.
  3. You Can Stretch Your Real Estate Budget: Let’s face it, the Sarasota real estate market is tough right now. Not only are there very few homes on the market, but your dollar is not going as far as it used to. Although it is just a piece of furniture, the Murphy bed gives you the option of buying a 2 BR instead of a 3 BR or buying a home without a guest room – while not having to give anything up! The Murphy bed turns any room into a guest room, meaning that you can still host guests even if you had to purchase a smaller home than you had hoped. Whether installed in your living room, den or office, the Murphy bed can function as a bookcase, desk or storage unit until it is needed as a bed. Simply lower the bed and set up a decorative screen – and your guest has the comfort and privacy they need.
  4. You Live in Studio or Loft: The Murphy bed may just be the most money-saving piece of furniture that exists. If you are renting a small apartment or studio, you can “put your bed away” during the day, freeing up valuable floor space and allowing for entertaining without having a bed in the middle of the room. You can choose a model that becomes a dining table or an executive desk, depending on what you need during the day. You need a Murphy bed because it represents two furniture functions in one unit – saving you space and making your daily life less cluttered and more streamlined.

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