5 Ways to Up Your Guest Room Game

One of the undeniable realities of living in a town like Sarasota is that people love to visit. Of course, this is understandable, given our gorgeous beaches and balmy weather. But not everyone has the option to set aside a guest room, and out-of-town visitors are often relegated to the couch or an air mattress in the living room.

Let’s take a look at how adding a Murphy bed can completely elevate your guest accommodations, providing comfortable sleeping space for friends and family without detracting from your lifestyle.

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Guest Room Options

An air mattress is a popular way to provide a bed where there is none – but they definitely represent some issues for you and your guests.

  1. Durability: Inflatable mattresses may be cheaper, but they also don’t last very long – typically providing use for a few years before they develop holes or leaks and must be thrown away. Unfortunately, it is usually not until your guest arrives that you realize the air mattress isn’t viable – leaving guests stranded or hosts scrambling to find an air mattress for the guest room at the last minute. Today’s Murphy Beds are sturdy, well-built furniture that can last a lifetime and will always provide a great night’s sleep.
  2. Convenience: Sometimes overnight guests are unexpected, such as dinner guests who had a few drinks and preferred to stay over. Open the Murphy Bed, and they have a proper place to sleep – without digging through the closet for the mattress or searching the garage for the missing air pump. A Murphy Bed is always ready for guests, no matter how impromptu the visit.
  3. Comfort: Getting a good night’s sleep on an air mattress or couch can be a hit-or-miss situation. Many air mattresses start out firm – but lose air throughout the night. Your guest awakes, sinking into the floor and nursing an aching back. Remember, if it inflates, it can deflate throughout the night. (and couches are notoriously bad for sleeping!) A Murphy bed is much more comfortable, providing the same experience as any standard bed. Guests will awaken refreshed and ready to enjoy the sunshine.
  4. Storage: Stowing a Murphy bed away doesn’t harm it in any way – storage is part of its design! Once closed and locked, no one can damage the bed or its mechanism. The exact opposite is true of an air mattress, which can be shoved into the back of a crowded closet for years, leaving it unprotected from being poked, pushed, prodded, and punctured.
  5. Multifunctionality: Your air mattress isn’t useful for any other purpose, but your Murphy bed can transform into many different functionalities. Whether you choose an executive desk, bookcase, or dining table, there are many ways to combine your furniture needs into one piece.

We understand that the price points for an air mattress and a Murphy bed are vastly different, and you may simply need a quick and easy guest room solution for the occasional visitor. However, the Murphy bed is a fantastic option if you love to entertain guests and would like to give them a better experience. It takes up little space when not in use, can be utilized for another purpose when stored, and allows you to turn any room into a spare bedroom without giving up square footage.

Are you ready to learn more? Call Shelly Renee at Monarch Murphy Beds today for an initial consultation and personal tour of our North Sarasota showroom. Seeing is believing – and we know you’ll love what you see. Your guest room will be a welcoming oasis for everyone visiting the Sarasota area while providing valuable extra space, storage, or functionality for your home.