7 Tips for Creating a Trendy Bedroom

At Monarch Murphy Beds, we love helping our customers design beautiful and functional bedrooms or guest rooms for their homes. Every house is different, and everyone has their own unique idea about how to best arrange their space. But it is always fun to ask designers what they think about current trends and hear their thoughts about interior design. If you want fun ideas to create a trendy bedroom that makes an impression, check out some of our favorite tips.
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  1. Don’t Waste the View: Not every home has a view out of the bedroom window, but if you do, be sure to capitalize on it. Whether flowers, a lake, or the beach, position your bed so that you can take advantage of the early morning views. If you are concerned about the light waking you up too early, invest in shades that can be opened and closed with a remote from the comfort of your pillow.
  2. Design a Seating Area: Our bedrooms are our sanctuary, and sometimes we want to escape in other ways than just sleeping. Creating a small reading nook or adding a comfy chair to look out the window can make all the difference in adding peace and serenity to your day. If you have the structural ability to do so, design a window seat to enjoy the sunshine from your trendy bedroom.
  3. Consider Multiple Beds: We often design a guest room with a large double or queen bed that takes up much of the room, but you can create a different aesthetic by installing two twin beds or even a bed and a loft. This allows for more functionality if you have multiple unrelated guests or can even be used as an Airbnb if you are looking for some unique income potential. Finally, while perfectly symmetrical design is often eschewed by interior designers, the peace and tranquility that a perfect Feng Shui layout inspires is an ideal solution for a bedroom.
  4. Consider a Bed Nook: If you have a smaller room – or you are using one space for both a guest room and office, gym, or craft room – you can put the bed into a corner and build a nook with a curtain around it to close off the sleeping area when not in use. Of course, we are also big fans of adding a Murphy bed to keep the bed separate from the alternate function of the room.
  5. Get Creative with a Bay Window: While an existing bay window can make a great reading nook, you can also use the shape of the window to place a small desk for a work area. Because of the extra space provided by the bowed-out form of the window, the desk can take up minimal space in the main living space of the room.
  6. Design Perimeter Countertops: One of the more unique trends for rooms is to create a “breakfast bar” around the entire perimeter of the room or along one wall. This may seem like a kitchen or dining room feature, but it is an excellent solution for those who want shelving, storage, and workspace without adding additional furniture.
  7. Go for Spacious Minimalism: An uncluttered room is a beautiful room, but beds can take up a lot of space. By adding a Murphy bed to your trendy bedroom, you can create a sophisticated and elegant minimalist space during the day.

When you call Monarch Murphy Beds, owner Shelly Renee will set up a private tour of the North Sarasota showroom. She has extensive design experience and can help you visualize how our furniture options can transform your space.