8 Murphy Bed Facts You Should Know

While the most common legend surrounding the origination of the Murphy bed is indeed tied to a man named Murphy (read about the colorful history here), the term has become so infused into the English language that it no longer indicates a manufacturer or brand. Murphy bed is a category of furniture referencing a bed that utilizes a hinge system to be folded up into a wall or cabinet when not in use. And even after all these years, there are many Murphy bed facts many people aren’t aware of.

Consumers use Murphy beds to maximize their homes’ floor space and square footage. The solution is trendy in small apartments, mobile homes, and multi-purpose rooms that double as guest rooms.

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  1. Are Murphy beds “worth it?” Designers point to Murphy beds as excellent investments for homeowners who wish to make a small space appear larger and maximize their floor space. The beds will last as long as any “traditional” bed and are comfortable and durable, presenting in diverse styles, colors, and designs.
  2. Is a Murphy bed durable enough to use every day? Absolutely. In fact, while Murphy beds are often used in multi-purpose rooms for guest accommodations, these beds are frequently used every day as the primary sleeping solution for those in small apartments and tiny homes. Many people use their Murphy bed as a standard bed and leave it open all the time, folding it into the cabinet only when entertaining or needing extra space.
  3. Do mattresses last in Murphy beds? You should choose a mattress that fits easily into the cabinet when the unit is closed. As long as the mattress is of appropriate size and thickness, it should last as long as any other mattress. Remember, when you purchase from Monarch Murphy Beds, we help you to choose the right mattress for your desired unit.
  4. Why should I pay more for a Murphy bed? Typically, Murphy beds do cost more than traditional beds. However, the cost begins to make sense if homeowners consider their function. For instance, the Murphy bed may be hidden behind an executive desk, bookcase, or cabinet that provides storage. They may also be purchased with side piers that offer drawers and additional storage – making extra pieces of furniture unnecessary. Also, home buyers may even be able to purchase a smaller home if they can comfortably accommodate guests in any room in the house.
  5. Are Murphy beds comfortable? The key to any comfortable sleeping experience, Murphy beds included, is always the mattress. If you furnish a quality mattress and replace it when necessary, your guests should be comfortable. (allowing for preferences such as firmness)
  6. How do Murphy bed mechanisms work? There are two types of mechanisms available for Murphy beds. Spring lift mechanisms rely on heavy-duty steel springs that pull down and lift the bed by controlling tension. These springs must occasionally be adjusted and re-tightened to ensure the coils stay taut. Piston mechanisms control the user’s ability to raise and lower the bed but have fewer moving parts. Pistons can’t be readjusted once installed, but most manufacturers offer lifetime guarantees and replacements. (Read more about specific mechanisms here.)
  7. Can I buy a Murphy bed online? Due to the growing popularity of Murphy beds, most online furniture sellers offer units online. However, this may not be the best way to purchase furniture that needs to be measured appropriately to fit room dimensions and overhead fixtures and properly installed for the safety and integrity of condition and operation. Buying from a local showroom allows consumers to physically raise and lower the beds and speak to a knowledgeable consultant who can help them choose the best model for their specifications and requirements. Most importantly, they can arrange for professional delivery and installation.
  8. Are Murphy beds dangerous? No. While likely hazardous in the past, fail-safe mechanisms are designed into contemporary pieces, including locking bolts and pistons. There are no reports of “death by Murphy bed.” However, consumers should still work with professional installers to ensure the bed is secure and operating correctly before allowing anyone around the unit.

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