8 Ways to Effectively Maximize Small Spaces

Large, spacious bedrooms are a relatively recent luxury – a fact Sarasota home buyers often learn as they look for houses in traditional neighborhoods. If you have a small bedroom or are living in a smaller apartment, maximizing small spaces is essential for a comfortable lifestyle.

Here at Monarch Murphy Beds, we know that installing a wall bed is one of the best ways to make the most of your floor plan. These beds not only free up floor space and allow for the dual purpose of the room, but depending on style, they can offer additional storage and functionality. To learn more about how a Murphy bed can transform your space, we invite you to visit our Sarasota showroom or browse our website.

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In addition to your Murphy bed, this article will highlight additional space-saving tips to ensure your home is as functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

  1. Color Scheme: Using varied shades of white can make a room feel more spacious than it actually is. However, to prevent looking too industrial or sterile, homeowners should mix in different textures and patterns as well. Keeping things light and bright can make a small room seem airier.
  2. Murphy Bed Storage: While many people choose to store boxes or crates under the bed, a Murphy bed offers another more stylish and practical option. Many contemporary wall beds come complete with shelving, bookcases, and other opportunities to store and showcase your belongings.
  3. Keep it Modern and Sleek: Small spaces require creativity and new thinking regarding design. Traditional, oversized bedroom furniture can be too overwhelming for these tiny rooms. Modern elements should replace bulky furniture and decorations with simple, understated lines. Limiting knick-knacks, decorations, and clutter is another option for those who don’t like contemporary design.
  4. Minimalism is Good: As stated above, the less clutter you have, the larger the space seems to be. A tiny bedroom necessitates maximizing storage space and getting rid of unnecessary furniture. The bed must become the focal point, as it is the most necessary component. Therefore, a Murphy bed solves not only the issue of how to get a comfortable night’s sleep but also how to keep most of your accessories and other belongings out of sight.
  5. Utilize a Mirror: Situating a mirror in such a way as to reflect natural light creates an optical illusion in small spaces, making the bedroom appear more spacious than it actually is. A large mirror can be placed on a wall so that precious floor space is not consumed.
  6. Place the Bed Properly: When the bed is placed in the middle of the room (as many people prefer), it negates the rest of the space’s usefulness. Placing the bed in a corner leaves a larger surface area free for other pieces of furniture or to navigate the room. Of course, a Murphy bed solves this dilemma by allowing the bed to be stored away during the day.
  7. Optimize a High Ceiling: If you have a high ceiling in a small space, you can build a loft to elevate the bed off the floor and create additional free space on the ground.
  8. Think Modular Design: Those who purchase a Murphy bed can add side piers, which are highly functional tangential pieces that facilitate storage without adding too much furniture. Because of the modular nature of contemporary Murphy bed selections, consumers can construct a design that makes sense for their space.

Monarch Murphy Beds is based in Sarasota and is dedicated to ensuring homeowners can see, touch and try their bed before purchasing. Owner Shelly Renee has years of experience helping people choose the right bed for their space, style, and budget. Call today for a personal tour and to learn more.