9 Space-Saving Hacks from Interior Designers

Americans always seem to need more space – from storing our belongings to adding functionality to our homes. When the house starts to feel a bit cramped, homeowners may be tempted to renovate, add an addition – or, if all else fails, find a bigger home! But before you do anything drastic, check out these nine space-saving hacks from professional interior designers. While each may seem insignificant on its own, they add up to extra square footage and more breathing room when used simultaneously.

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Expert Space-Saving Recommendations

  1. Get Creative with Lighting: Installing wall sconces and overhead lighting allows homeowners to eliminate lamps from floor space or nightstands. Not only that, but these fixtures come in a variety of contemporary styles that can make your home look more sleek and elegant.
  2. Create a Stylish Overhead Loft: If you have high ceilings but not a lot of square footage, build a loft to utilize that wasted space above your head. Whether another sleeping area, an office, or a reading nook, you can add another functional space without having to knock down any walls.
  3. Install Pull-Out Tray Tables: If you need a place to work but don’t want to give up a room, try installing tray tables that can pull out when needed and slide back into the wall or furniture when not in use. These can be installed in a bedroom, kitchen, or living room – just pull up a chair!
  4. Build Shelving into Your Wall: Rather than adding additional furniture, setting bookcase-style into the wall takes up zero floor space while multiplying your storage capability. If the solution offers too timid an aesthetic, try painting the entire wall accent color for emphasis and personalization.
  5. Optimize your Cabinets: Most homeowners woefully underutilize their cabinets, usually due to the open, hollow space behind the doors that doesn’t lend itself to easy organization. Installing sliding drawers inside the cabinets allows for maximum organization and storage. You can also put your recycling and garbage cans behind cabinet doors for a cleaner, less cluttered look.
  6. Maximize Seating in your Dining Area: Bulky tables and chairs can overwhelm small eat-in kitchens. Consider instead building bench seating in an L-shape along your kitchen walls, and make sure the bench design opens for storage. You’ll eliminate the need for chairs and add capacity.
  7. Create Custom Solutions for Awkward Spaces: In almost every home, there are nooks, crannies, and corners that are too awkward to fit any furniture. Consider having a custom bench built to fit the space, adding a new, unique sitting area, and (of course) adding more storage.
  8. Turn Storage into Decor: If your kitchen seems hopelessly tiny, consider removing pots and pans from the cabinets and hanging them on the wall. Wall units can save you a significant amount of storage space, but they do require you to purchase some nice cookware to display!

We Are Especially Fond of Our 9th Tip

Of course, at Monarch Murphy Beds, the ultimate space-saving tip we can offer is to purchase a beautiful Murphy bed that allows you to turn any room into a comfortable bedroom without sacrificing functionality.

You can choose from hundreds of combinations of natural wood, finishes, colors, and styles – but whatever you choose, you can save valuable floor space while increasing your storage capability. We invite you to schedule a private showing at our North Sarasota showroom to see how transformative a bed can be.

Not sure where to begin? Owner Shelly Renee provides in-depth expertise and guidance regarding sizing, choosing, and installing your new bed.