Accessorizing Your Murphy Bed to Fit the Room

Murphy beds represent the ultimate in functionality, and those looking to create guest rooms have rediscovered these versatile pieces. But those who haven’t seen a Murphy bed since their grandparent’s house may also be surprised at how stylish they are. If you need to add comfortable sleeping accommodations in your home but are worried about placing a prominent “cabinet” into your space, consider these ideas from those who utilize – and love – accessorizing contemporary Murphy bed models.

Dual Function Design: A Murphy bed can double as an executive desk, a dining table, or a bookcase – and during those periods when it is not in use, homeowners can decorate those to optimize the alternate function. In other words, if you choose a Murphy bed that functions as a desk, decorate the room as you would your office. You can even mount a large-screen computer monitor on the large front panel, safely storing it underneath the bed when it opens. If you live in a studio apartment, you may choose a model that offers a dining table when closed – then arrange fresh flowers and place settings on the table during the day. Murphy beds that provide the functionality of a bookcase can easily be styled to fit the home’s design aesthetic simply by choosing the right items to display.

Customize Your Finishes: Murphy beds are built in a diverse array of wood types, including Birch, Maple, Alder, and Oak. They are also available in many colors, from natural wood grains to cobalt blue and neutral palettes. You can choose the type of wood, grain, and color that most fits the style of your home, fitting in perfectly with your home decor.

Add Side Piers and Accessories: When purchasing a Murphy bed, you can add side piers that offer storage and display opinions for any preference – from end tables to dresser drawers, bookcases, armoires, small desks, and cabinets. There are so many ways to customize your Murphy bed that you’ll likely have difficulty choosing which is best for your home.

Expert Tip: If budget is a concern, choose a color or wood grain you can easily coordinate. Then, look for complementary pieces at thrift stores, estate sales, or big box stores.

When It’s Rarely a Guest Room

Many Sarasota homeowners want to have the option to entertain their guests on occasion but use the room for another purpose the majority of the time. Designing your Murphy bed around the room’s primary purpose allows you to optimize the functionality in the way that suits you best. Here are some of our favorite methods for accessorizing your new bedroom.

  • You may add drawers and cabinets in a hobby room to house your supplies or utilize the drop-down table leaf as a workspace.
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  • A sizable desk area and file cabinets may be the most practical choice in an office.
    Inverness Desk Bed
  • A home gym can benefit from a large mirror mounted on the piece to assist with workouts.
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While many people choose to use the storage space for their guests when they visit, this may not be possible if the furniture is used for other purposes the balance of the time. You may add a standalone dresser placed in the closet or a rollaway garment rack when they spend time at your house.

Get Your Imagination Fired Up for Accessorizing

When it comes to modern Murphy bed styles, there is no substitute for visiting a showroom to review your options. Owner Shelly Renee has decades of interior design experience and can help you to make the choices that best fit your lifestyle. Don’t take your chances with an online store – call today for a tour of the North Sarasota Monarch Murphy Beds showroom and get inspired.