Are Murphy Beds Safe for My Family?

Murphy beds are increasingly becoming a popular design choice for savvy homeowners looking for more space and functionality. However, if you haven’t seen a modern Murphy bed in action, you may wonder if it is safe – especially if your household includes children, pets, or the elderly. In this article, we discuss the safety profile of today’s Murphy beds and why you can feel confident to put one in your home.

5 Murphy Bed Safety Tips

  1. Quality Matters: The easiest way to guarantee that you purchase a safe Murphy bed is by selecting a manufacturer and seller that represents beds with high-quality materials and parts. While buying a used Murphy bed from its current owner may seem more affordable at first, you may be purchasing a product with mechanical issues or worn-out parts. Expert Tip: Cheaper Murphy beds are often made of particle board, which is much more likely to break down. Look for real wood construction for a more durable and long-lasting bed.
  2. Professional Installation: To ensure your new Murphy bed is safe, hire an experienced installer to set everything up for you. A professional installer will make sure the bed is assembled properly, and that all mechanisms and locks are working correctly.  They will also properly attach the piece to the wall, as improper installation can cause damage to both the bed and the wall.
  3. Hydraulic Mechanisms: A hydraulic piston system will control the movement of the bedframe, therefore preventing it from falling from the upright position too quickly. The pistons can make lifting the bed into the vertical position much easier. While spring mechanisms do offer enough tension to eliminate the risk of the bed falling, children or older adults may find the bed more difficult to raise and lower without hydraulics.
  4. Safety Locks: All quality Murphy beds showcase safety locks that allow the bed to be fastened securely to avoid opening or falling. Safety locks are especially vital when the Murphy bed either does not have pistons or has springs that have not been properly tightened.
  5. Appropriate Mattress:  It is necessary to purchase a mattress that is appropriate for your new Murphy bed – if it is too big or too heavy, it places a strain on the hinges and joints.  Most Murphy beds on the market won’t accommodate a mattress any thicker than 12 inches. Pro Tip: When you research and buy a Murphy bed from a consultant at a showroom, the designer can ensure that your mattress – whether at home, or one you are purchasing new – is the correct size mattress for your bed. They can also advise as to the ability of the bed to safely close while linens and pillows are still inside.

Summary: Are Murphy Beds Safe?

Can a Murphy bed injure a member of my family? The risk of a properly assembled and installed Murphy bed causing serious harm is negligible. Modern Murphy beds are designed with pistons and safety locks to be safe for the family.

Can someone get trapped in a Murphy bed? It is highly unlikely (nearly impossible) that a properly installed Murphy bed will ever close on anyone, due to the force applied by the pistons or hinges.

Will a Murphy bed drop on my child or pet? A Murphy bed will only fall down suddenly if a strong spring or hydraulic system is not present – but all modern Murphy beds include these features. Ask for a safety lock that is located out of reach of any children (also a standard safety feature) to gain total peace of mind.

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