Bedroom Design Faux Pas

Interior designers agree that the bedroom is often overlooked when it comes to design and renovation, and we understand why. Homeowners are more apt to design beautiful spaces in rooms that guests and visitors will see. Still, your bedroom should be your sanctuary, an oasis of uncluttered, beautiful function. Given how vital stress relief and restful sleep are to your overall health and well-being, emphasis on bedroom design should take precedence, especially if done thoughtfully and deliberately.

Here are 5 of the top mistakes designers say that most homeowners make (along with some tips on how a Murphy bed can help you avoid these faux pas in your own home.)

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1. Perfectly Matched Sets: Although big box furniture stores would have you believe differently, homeowners’ number one mistake in their bedroom (according to designers) is buying a pre-selected set. In fact, professionals hate this trend in all rooms of the house. Instead, they recommend mixing and matching the furniture – dressers, nightstands, and bed frames can create far more interest and depth by contrasting color, texture, or material.

2. Oversized Beds: You may want to sleep in a luxurious king-sized bed. However, the next tip from designers is that you don’t fill up a room with a “too large” bed. The bed size should be proportionate to the space. If your bedroom is small, you may opt for a smaller bed to fit in the needed storage. Experts say to ensure at least three feet of space between the bed perimeter and any walls or other furniture. Murphy beds can be your solution for a tiny bedroom design – you can have a queen-sized bed for sleeping at night but an uncluttered room that is easy to navigate and doesn’t look overwhelming during the day.

3. Lack of Illumination: Interior design professionals understand the importance of layered lighting in every room, but especially the bedroom. You want to have some bright lights for dressing and cleaning but other more subtle lighting for evening activities such as reading. A Murphy bed can be fitted with ambient light kits with just the correct wattage for the evening mood – without turning on the light switch by the door.

4. Not Enough Nightstand Storage: Many people sacrifice function for design and underestimate the amount of nightstand capacity they will need. Whether to accommodate drinks, books, reading glasses, the TV remote, work papers, or a phone charger, things can get messy and crowded without the right bedside storage. Experts say to look for nightstands with drawers and shelving to house everything you need within reach. Contemporary Murphy beds can be designed with side piers that offer storage, lighting, and even USB ports for an organized nighttime routine.

5. Work from Home Office Bedrooms: Interior designers aren’t the only ones who don’t love the idea of an office in the bedroom – mental health experts agree that the lack of separation between work and home life can be damaging to our well-being. Still, the reality is that not everyone has the space to set up a distinct home office. This is perhaps the best example of how a Murphy bed can enhance your lifestyle. The same room can function as an office by day but completely transform into a bedroom at night – hiding away the desk so that there is no temptation to finish that report at 2 a.m.

While Murphy beds may not have been considered high-style in the past, contemporary models are beautiful, functional, and trendy. If you are looking for more ways to optimize your home’s bedroom design and square footage, call Monarch Murphy Beds to arrange for your personal tour of our showroom.