Best Murphy Beds for a Studio Apartment

Tiny homes were just the start of the trend, but many people have truly embraced living in smaller spaces. Whether to simplify their life or save money, these individuals are proactively seeking smaller living spaces and a more minimalist existence. Murphy beds fit perfectly into this lifestyle, as they allow individuals to maintain a home with modest square footage but not sacrifice any of the functionality we all desire. At Monarch Murphy Beds, we offer a wide range of furniture options representing diverse styles and functions. No matter what your aesthetic design, no matter your way of life, you are sure to find a bed that is perfect for your studio apartment.

A studio apartment is a living space that does not provide separate functional spaces – specifically, there is no bedroom. One contiguous space is utilized for all aspects of life, from sleeping to working and cooking. Because there are no walls separating the living and sleeping spaces, residents typically look for creative ways to establish privacy and separation. Murphy beds are the ideal solution for these apartments, as they can fold up during the day and provide more space for other functions. Here are some of our favorite models that provide exceptional flexibility to those living in studio apartments.

Dale Murphy Bed

Desk Beds: A desk bed is a Murphy bed that transforms into some form of desk when folded up during the day. For those who work from home, this provides a full-size work area that disappears in the evening, freeing up valuable space. Many of our desk models allow the user to change the desk into a bed without having to unplug equipment or even move anything on the desk. This allows for a seamless transition from bedroom to office and back- without the necessity to rearrange files, computers or other office supplies. The monitor can even be mounted to the underside of the bed and be tucked safely away when the bed is open.
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Table Beds: Given that space is limited in a studio apartment, having too much furniture can feel overwhelming and cluttered. When one piece of furniture can serve two distinct functions, it not only saves space but money. Imagine folding up your bed in the morning and revealing a fold-down kitchen or dining room table that can be used for eating or working. By adding side piers to store dishes and silverware, the Murphy bed transforms into a breakfast nook with ease.
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Bookcase Beds: A studio apartment often has a lack of countertops, cabinets, and closet space – making a bookcase bed the perfect choice to add more storage and shelf space. The bookcase folds across the closed bed to provide shelving for books, photos, or plants, none of which need to be removed in order to change the bookcase back into a comfortable full or queen-sized bed.
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Looking Glass Bed: Small spaces like a studio apartment often don’t offer some of the most basic amenities we take for granted, such as a large mirror. While a free-standing full-length mirror can be elegant, it also takes up precious floor space. However, the Looking Glass bed provides just that, with a large mirror mounted to the panel of the bed (revealed when the bed is closed.) For fashionistas and those with tiny bedrooms, this mirror provides exceptional functionality.
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Space Solutions for Your Studio Apartment

When you purchase a Murphy bed, you can choose to add side piers, cabinets, closets and drawers to further enhance its functionality. If you live in a studio apartment – or if you simply want to maximize the use of your space – call for an appointment at Monarch Murphy Beds. We will provide you with the opportunity to tour our showroom and view all of the options for yourself.