Can Your Bedroom Layout Support Mental Health?

The last several years have changed how we live, and shifted our priorities to create a better work-life balance. Millions of Americans work from home at least part-time, spending more time in our houses than in previous years. Protecting our overall mental health and wellness has become a priority as we realize that the environment we surround ourselves with can significantly affect our mood.

The latest studies and research reveal that thoughtful interior design can inspire a sense of contentment, safety, and relaxation. While everyone has a unique preference for “good design,” one aspect seems to be consistent for every person. A neat, clean, ordered room cultivates a sense of well-being, while a messy and cluttered space can encourage angst. In fact, experts agree that clutter is the nemesis of serenity.

Furniture Versatility – The Murphy Bed

Create an Oasis By Getting Rid of Clutter

Aside from family heirlooms and nostalgic pieces, a standard rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used an item in a year, it is not necessary to keep. Whether clothing, kitchen gadgets, furniture, or knick-knacks, there are likely hundreds of pieces throughout your home that you don’t need, don’t use, or don’t like. Utilize the tried-and-true “keep, donate, throw away” method to streamline your space and create clean surfaces.

Expert Tip: If you can’t bring yourself to get rid of miscellaneous items, invest in decorative baskets, storage bins that fit under your bed, or a stylish cabinet or credenza that can keep everything behind closed doors.

Your Home’s Layout Can Affect Mental Health

If a room doesn’t inspire a sense of pride and allow you to relax, consider its layout.

  • Can you navigate the room easily?
  • Do you have to walk around furniture or step over items?
  • Does the room feel calm or chaotic?

The issue may be “too much stuff,” but you may also need to rearrange and rethink your furniture. Moving the furniture in a room can result in a surprisingly spacious feel you didn’t realize was possible. Replacing your standard bed and chest of drawers with a Murphy bed and side piers is a fantastic way to open up any space without sacrificing function or storage.

Natural Light Can Improve Your Mood

Most homeowners are accustomed to shades, curtains, or blinds covering their windows. While privacy is essential, allowing natural light into living areas can significantly and positively impact mental health.

An abundance of natural light boosts vitamin D, helps to prevent depression, and even allows for a better night’s sleep. Many innovative options, such as sheers, automatic shades, and privacy films, enable homeowners to maximize natural light while protecting their privacy.

Natural Elements Facilitate Mental Health and Wellness

Being out in nature provides restorative mental health benefits, and incorporating natural elements into interior design has the same soothing effect. Live plants and fresh flowers are not only aesthetically pleasing, they provide substantial physical and mental health benefits. Furniture and decor that are made from natural wood, stone, or metal will add serenity to any room, and water elements such as tabletop fountains are a surefire way to increase your zen. If you don’t want to add a physical water feature, playing ambient water sounds will also provide a soothing atmosphere.

Murphy Beds Provide Surprising Design Benefits

At Monarch Murphy Beds, we understand how a classic, beautifully designed piece of furniture can transform a room. From creating space to adding storage and incorporating style, the Murphy bed may be the ultimate solution to ensuring your home inspires a calming respite from a busy world.

We also understand that seeing is believing – which is why when you call us, owner Shelly Renee will arrange for a personal showroom tour. If your home lacks space or needs more functionality, come see how Monarch Murphy Beds provide an unexpected, stylish option you will love.