Choosing the Right Murphy Bed Mattress

While it is easy to get distracted by the beautiful and innovative design of a contemporary Murphy bed, one must never forget one of its primary reasons for being there – to provide a comfortable sleeping experience. Whether the homeowner needs to utilize the bed nightly or only occasionally as a guest bed – the quality of the mattress is an essential factor.

If this is your first time buying a Murphy bed – or you are looking for a new mattress for your older model – you might wonder if you need a particular type of mattress or if a standard mattress will suffice. While you don’t necessarily need a specific mattress type, mattresses for Murphy beds must properly fit into the unit and, in some cases, be light enough to lift. Be sure to speak with your sales consultant when you purchase your bed to determine any specifications you should be aware of.
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Which Mattress is Best for Murphy Beds?

Selecting the appropriate type of mattress for a Murphy bed is necessary for many important reasons – and while this article will provide guidance, speaking with your Murphy specialist about the mattress you want to use is key to avoiding issues and problems with your new bed.

Here are some of the factors you should discuss with the specialist before purchasing:

  • Inner coil mattresses are recommended, and some foam mattresses work well too. The most crucial factor to understand is if your mattress can be stored in an upright position for long periods of time. Some mattresses are not recommended in that position and must always be stored flat, or the mattress warranty may be voided.
  • Customers often have a personal mattress they want to use in their new Murphy bed. However, if the mattress is too old or does not have the proper inner structure, it can noodle in the middle and lose its comfort and shape.
  • Mattresses no thicker than 10” or 11” are recommended so that the beds can be closed safely without removing the linens and bedding. Forcing the beds shut with too much bedding or too thick of a mattress may damage the cabinet or the piston mechanism, voiding your warranty.
  • Murphy beds must be lowered and lifted – frequently by one person – so the mattress’s weight may come into play. However, modern Murphy beds often feature an efficient mechanical piston system that controls the bed’s movements, allowing most adults to safely and quickly raise and lower the bed – while protecting children from being hurt. Note: Many popular foam and latex-type mattresses on the market are the right thickness, but they can weigh over 85 lbs which is too heavy for the Murphy bed mechanism.
  • Just as when you buy a mattress for a traditional bed, the amount of necessary support and pressure relief will be a deciding factor. These characteristics will be less influential in your decision-making process if the bed will be only used occasionally but can be critical for those who plan on more frequent use. After all, good sleep is essential to health and wellness, and no one wants to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress!

The Monarch Difference

At Monarch Murphy Beds, we are committed to your complete satisfaction, from the style of your bed to the comfort of your mattress. Our consultative approach ensures that you purchase the right furniture for your space, lifestyle, and budget, including helping you choose the right mattress.

Call our showroom today for a personal tour and consultation. Owner Shelly Renee will ensure every client gets the information, support, and service they need, from initial room measurement to final installation. You won’t have to wonder about purchasing the right mattress – she will ensure you do.

Monarch Murphy Beds’ showroom is conveniently located in North Sarasota and is open by appointment only.