Christmas in October

It’s true. We all are a little surprised when stores begin to showcase Christmas trees and holiday decorations in October. We have a couple of seasonal holidays to get through before then, but it can also be challenging to consider a Currier and Ives holiday when it is 90 degrees outside.

However, this month is the perfect time for Sarasota homeowners to think about how a Murphy bed can make the holidays more festive – here’s how.

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Be Ready for Seasonal Visitors

Once it gets chilly up north, many of our friends and family begin to think about their annual visit to Florida. It only takes one or two snowfalls before the plans start to take shape – after all, who doesn’t dream of palm trees and pristine beaches when their toes are frozen?

Each year, over 100 million Americans travel to another part of the country over the Christmas season. While this number is impressive, you only need to accommodate a few of them – and being ready for family gatherings is a great reason to purchase a Murphy bed to make their stay more enjoyable.

Murphy beds can be installed in offices, home gyms, or playrooms. This means that you can often offer your visitors a room with a door to provide privacy instead of asking them to sleep on the living room couch. This also makes your home less cluttered, as tier luggage and belongings can be kept out of sight instead of in common areas.

But even if the Murphy bed is installed in a conventional living space, it can be closed and hidden during the day. In short, the Murphy bed allows you to entertain holiday guests without too much disruption to your everyday routine.

Beyond Christmas

Did You Know? According to Florida tourism statistics, over 36 million people visit the Sunshine State between January and March annually.

A Murphy bed can turn a two-bedroom home into a three-bedroom or add a guest room without requiring an addition. It allows locals to provide a comfortable and quality night’s sleep to their winter guests without consuming valuable floor space when not in use. It saves friends and family the cost of hotels – and can even allow a homeowner to generate seasonal income in a small rental unit.

However, purchasing a Murphy bed is typically not as simple as walking into a furniture store and taking one home. Because they are used occasionally and often stored, the room’s measurements and the ceiling clearance for the beds should be considered. More importantly, the Murphy bed must be professionally installed and correctly attached to the wall to ensure safe usage and longevity.

Another consideration is that when investing in a Murphy bed, consumers have a wide variety of style and design options. Once their custom bed and accompanying pieces are selected, there will be a period of time needed for delivery and installation. If you want to be ready for winter visitors, shop at least 4-6 weeks before the season.

The good news is that working with a local Murphy bed retailer removes all the confusion from your decision and the installation process. At Monarch Murphy Beds, owner Shelly Renee provides consulting and expertise from initial meeting to professional installation. You can rest assured that you will be making the best investment for your home and family.

But if you want to be ready for Christmas, now is the time to schedule your appointment! Call us today to visit our North Sarasota showroom.