Create a Homeschool Nook for Your Kids

The homeschooling phenomenon has continued to grow exponentially in the United States. While educators assumed a return to the classroom after the pandemic restrictions eased, the opposite has occurred. The Washington Post recently reported that nationwide, the number of homeschooled students grew from 2.65 million in 2020 to 4.3 million in 2022. Trends show that the number is still steadily increasing by 45% annually. In Florida, which statistically has one of the highest percentages of home-schooled children, the numbers are rising at a dizzying rate of 72% per year. By a significant margin, the homeschool concept represents America’s fastest-growing form of education.

If you have chosen to homeschool your children, you have likely had to decide which parts of your home will become a classroom and a work area. In this article, we brainstorm ideas for parents to creatively adapt their child’s bedroom to accommodate a homeschool nook without sacrificing any other functionality.

Here are some tips from design experts:

  1. Levels and Natural Light: Turn the desk away from the bed and face out a window. This allows for plenty of natural light and reduces the temptation to lay down – hopefully, the bed is  “out of sight, out of mind.” The outside view keeps home-based distractions at bay – keep the desk low to maximize the sunlight for productive work and add a small potted green plant for color and air quality. (Read more here about the positive effects of nature on our wellbeing.) Install open or floating shelves around a tight corner to provide storage for books and supplies without taking up real estate on the desk or floor. Finish with an ergonomically friendly chair that is compatible with the height of the desk.Ryland Desk Bed w/ Hutch
  2. Store It Away for the Day: We are particularly partial to this next design idea – install a Murphy bed to transform a bedroom into a classroom in the morning, and back again at night. The bed functions as a workspace when it is not in use for sleeping. Murphy bed designs allow for plenty of options for desks and tables that will fit the size and design of the room. A quality Murphy bed creates a multi-functional space kept clear of clutter by adding side piers and closets on either side.
    Wall bed, Modern Wall bed, Monarch Murphy Beds
  3. Take it Higher: There are many bedroom sets that consist of a raised loft and a desk/file cabinet combination underneath. By raising the bed off the floor, you free up plenty of usable space for your classroom environment.
  4. Find Creative Real Estate:  Finding areas that make sense for study and storage may take some creativity in a small room.  Consider purchasing a headboard with shelving or storage.   Look for “dead zones” and add corner shelving, a comfortable reading chair, and bright task lighting if natural light is not available. Build a window seat with storage for supplies, or install “kitchen-style cabinets” along open walls.
    Custom Murphy Bed Sarasota FL
  5. Let the Sun Shine In: If you are planning to make your homeschool arrangement permanent, install larger windows to allow more natural light into the space. This alone will increase your child’s focus and cognitive ability. Be sure to also install wood Plantation shutters or blackout curtains to ensure they are not awakened by streetlights, passing cars, or the sunrise.

Murphy Beds Are Great for Any Room

Although this article discussed ways to use your child’s bedroom to create a homeschool nook, a Murphy bed allows the flexibility for your guest or spare bedroom to also double as a classroom. Be sure to check out our Desk models that can be opened up to a bed without disturbing anything on the desktop surface.

If you have recently begun your homeschool journey, we invite you to browse our website. Call for an appointment at our North Sarasota Murphy bed showroom to see the beds in person – and get inspired! Owner Shelly Renee is there to answer any questions you may have.