Creating a Sense of Bedroom Space

Whether you live in a tiny home or studio apartment or are looking for ways to make the most of the bedroom space available to you, effective bedroom design can be elevated with just a few tricks. Bedrooms should always provide a sense of calm and tranquility, as this is essential to a good night’s sleep. To recharge and wake up ready for the day, bedroom design should tend towards open space and neat, ordered style.

Here are four design tips to help optimize the space in your bedroom.

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  1. Create an Illusion of Additional Square Footage: Sometimes, a bedroom space feels small because it is – that’s when a design hack can really help out. Interior design professionals typically point to two items for creating the illusion of more space: area rugs and mirrors. When it comes to rugs, they recommend opting for one large rug instead of multiple smaller rugs; selecting a rug without too much texture; and going with light, natural colors, such as beige or light gray. Vivid, busy, or overwhelming textures and patterns will immediately make a room feel more cluttered. For their part, mirrors create the illusion of a larger room by reflecting light and producing a sense of depth. To ensure floor space remains uncluttered, choose an oversized wall mirror that provides function and opens up the area.
  2. Keep Bedroom Space Sleek and Classic: Just as light colors are great for rugs, choosing light colors and muted (if any) patterns for your overall bedroom design can help create a roomier feel to your space. But don’t feel confined only to neutrals. Feel free to experiment with colors such as light blue, lilac, or seafoam green to express your style. If you cannot live without vibrant, bright colors, use them as accents – providing small bursts of color in the room. Light-neutral colors, whites, or natural wood grains are best for your furniture rather than dark wood.
  3. Everything in Its Place: When addressing the issue of small spaces, most design tips focus on reducing clutter. When everything is neat and stored in its proper place, your bedroom will naturally look larger. This is because the human eye can restfully drift across empty spaces instead of getting “hung up” on clutter. Creating a sense of space requires that you first choose each item in the room with intention – and secondly, that the item has a designated space or place. Be sure to employ the standard practice of sorting through drawers, closets, and shelves every six months. Any clothing, shoes, or accessories not used since you last decluttered should be donated or eliminated, allowing you to keep only those things most important and meaningful. Create unique shadowboxes for the wall to display keepsakes and mementos, and consider floating shelves for books or other items that may pile up on a dresser or nightstand. Finally, develop the habit of putting things away as you use them.
  4. Multi-Functional Furniture is a Game Changer: Finding furniture pieces that serve a dual purpose for bedroom space is a top designer choice – and is one of our favorite tips as well! When space is at a premium, everything in the room should have a reason to be there. Floor space is coveted, so you want to make the most of it. Furniture with hidden or built-in storage is a must, such as a large ottoman or cleverly concealed Murphy bed. If the bedroom space has no closet, an armoire can play that role, as can a vertical chest of drawers versus a horizontal dresser.

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