The Downsizing and Minimalizing Trend

Downsizing is a widespread phenomenon these days. Whether you are motivated by saving money, reducing your footprint, or simplifying your life – less is more for many people in 2023. Downsizing requires decluttering and getting rid of “things,” and being more innovative in how you use your space. Creating multi-functional areas that serve a dual purpose is an efficient way to maximize the square footage of your home, and Murphy beds are an excellent way to achieve those goals.
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Housing History and the Downsizing Trend

According to the data, contemporary Americans live in homes that are three times larger than their parent’s houses just 50 years ago. This movement even generated a new term, “McMansions,” as huge homes began to pop up in traditionally modest neighborhoods. Conservative estimates are that an average of 300,000 items are in the typical American home. Not only that, but 10% of homeowners also pay for an additional storage unit to house items they don’t utilize regularly.

However, pendulums always swing back at some point – and the culture is beginning to recognize the beauty of simplicity once again. Of course, this involves more than just getting a smaller space – it requires sorting through belongings and determining those items you must keep and those that can be recycled, donated, or sold. Downsizing is good for many reasons, emotionally and financially. You can reduce your living expenses, spend less time on home maintenance and cleaning, and free up your time. But downsizing is not without its emotional challenges.

Our culture enjoys our possessions, and paring down to the bare minimum can be an overwhelming prospect. Still, keeping your ultimate goal in mind when downsizing is essential. Have a clear vision of the ordered and manageable space you are creating, and remind yourself often of the benefits of your efforts. Many people find that downsizing in increments works best for them. They might sell or donate some of their belongings and store those things they are not ready to part with. After six months without those items in sight – and adjusting to their new, simpler lifestyle – they are often better prepared to downsize even further.

Of course, being a minimalist doesn’t mean getting rid of things that are important to you. Homeowners simply need to assess their space and determine the best way to store, display and keep those items they need and cherish.

The Murphy Bed is Essential for Minimalists

What does the term “Murphy bed” conjure up in your mind?

While many envision a creaky old mattress being lowered from the wall in Grandma’s house, contemporary Murphy beds are a minimalist designer’s perfect furniture choice. They are beautifully crafted, multi-functional pieces that add style and class to any small space while offering the ultimate in dual functionality.

A Murphy bed can offer a dining table when friends visit for lunch. It can operate as an executive workspace, store a library full of books, or provide extra cabinet and closet space in its side piers. Not only does it free up floor space, but it offers a way to keep, display or hide away your belongings.

In fact, in a world looking to tiny homes and smaller footprints, the Murphy bed may just be hitting its’ stride as a must-have design element.

At Monarch Murphy Beds, we love showing people just how easily (and beautifully) these beds can transform their homes and lifestyle. Whether you are downsizing or outgrowing your current space – call for a personal tour of our North Sarasota Murphy bed showroom. Ask for Shelly Renee, who will use her extensive experience to help you choose the perfect Murphy bed model for your space, needs, and budget.