Furniture Versatility – The Murphy Bed

There are many reasons to consider a Murphy bed. The most obvious reason is to add an extra comfortable bed into a multi-functional space. However, few people realize just how versatile the modern Murphy bed really is – and how many ways the right model can transform how you live. In fact, a Murphy bed can offer an entire room of furniture, not only maximizing space but functionality. If you have a spare room you want to optimize, here’s how a Murphy bed can change your perspective on the furniture you need.

The nature of a Murphy bed is that it stores away behind another piece of furniture. While some Murphy beds close into a freestanding cabinet,  others are fronted by a bookcase, dining table, or executive desk. Therefore whatever you need the room to function as when the bed is not in use is open to your imagination.

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For instance, you may need to use your spare room as both an office and a guest room. The more traditional solution would be to put a bed in the room and add a desk along the wall. You might add filing cabinets and a chair that needs to fit between the bed and the wall.  While you can make it work, fitting multiple sets of furniture in a small room can be challenging.

Several Murphy bed options can solve your problem. One option is Dual Functioning Desk Beds which come in various styles and have a full-sized executive desk that converts into a guest bed when needed. The beauty of this unique desk is everything can stay on the desktop as the bed is opened. This solution enables one piece of furniture that works in two ways. But you can increase the functionality by adding piers to either side of the bed or a rolling file cart that slips conveniently under the desk when used as an office and can easily roll over to a nightstand position when you or your guest sleeps.

Piers are additional modular pieces that can be purchased alongside your Murphy bed. Piers can incorporate matching closet space, drawers, file cabinets, or shelving into the piece. Therefore you can have a fully-functioning desk with all the business storage space you need – and it is all a part of the guest bedroom. Rather than trying to fit bedroom and office furniture into the same area, one set fills all your needs.

Not Just For Home Offices

Modular pieces and piers are not only fantastic for home offices but can transform a reading room, children’s playroom, or workout space.

The Library Bed offers a fully functional bookcase whose panels fold out like an accordion to reveal the bed behind it. This allows homeowners to store books, knick-knacks, heirlooms – or any items they wish to display. Nothing needs to be moved when it is time to reveal the bed. Similarly, other models offer the option for a dining table, allowing those in small apartments to have a place to eat and sleep – all in one piece of furniture.

Tour our Showroom

At Monarch Murphy Beds, we understand that it can be difficult to imagine just how these beds can work to perform multiple functions. Truthfully, we know you will be amazed when you see all the options to maximize your space and furniture budget.

That’s why we invite Sarasota homeowners to call for a personal tour of our North Sarasota showroom. Simply call owner Shelly Renee and tell her what your home and lifestyle needs are, and she will put her years of experience to work. Make an appointment to visit the showroom, try the beds, see all your options, and discuss your budget – we’ll make sure you choose the best bed for your needs. Don’t forget – at Monarch Murphy Beds, we also help you choose the best mattress – and then we deliver and professionally install your new furniture. Monarch Murphy Beds is the only call you need to make – from initial consultation to a good night’s sleep.