Hate Clutter? Get a Murphy Bed!

The pandemic caused many people to reevaluate what is essential, resulting in a better work-life balance for those previously driven toward never-ending goals. One of the casualties of this era has been clutter and collecting “stuff.” In fact, the age of materialism seems to be coming to an end on multiple fronts. Homeowners are increasingly finding ways to simplify, minimize and streamline their lives, realizing that a clean and ordered home provides a path to a more serene existence.

Even after minimalizing and getting rid of unneeded items, every household experiences everyday clutter as a matter of course. It is normal for books, documents, or mail to collect on the coffee table, for toys to be scattered around the living room, or for folded clothes to be left on the bed withing to be stored away. Whether your home has too much furniture or lacks storage, it can be challenging to maintain a neat and clean house – especially if you also have active children and pets. But could the answer be as simple as installing a Murphy bed?

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You may be surprised at just how much impact a single piece of furniture can have on your home’s aesthetic. If you need to reduce the amount of clutter in your home, a Murphy bed may be a great solution.

One Bed, Several Solutions, Less Clutter

The most evident way a Murphy bed reduces clutter and adds space to your room is to fold away, freeing up significant floor area. However, that feature in and of itself doesn’t help you with reducing clutter and keeping the room orderly.

Homeowners often place small side tables or drawers on either side of a traditional bed, but these pieces are limited in space and can become very cluttered. The bedroom will have dressers, armoires, bookcases, and shelving to house all the decor, clothing, and personal items necessary for daily life. In a smaller room, all of these pieces can overwhelm the space and make the room feel very crowded and cluttered.

A Murphy bed allows homeowners to design a bedroom that maximizes space without sacrificing functionality. Contemporary Murphy bed design allows for dual or multi-functionality in a single piece – the homeowners can store or display their items during the day, then transform the piece into a bed without removing anything.

In other words, a bookcase and a bed can share the same footprint. A prominent executive desk with cabinets can exist in the same space as a queen-sized bed. The many variations of furniture built into a Murphy bed’s structure may include the following:

  • Side piers that allow for floor-to-ceiling storage while standing against the wall next to the bed.
  • Dresser drawers or closets that flank the bed rather than taking up additional floor space
  • Bookcases and shelving that appear when the bed is closed, allowing for maximum storage in a small space
  • Executive desks that do not need to be cleared when the bed opens over them.

Because these beds save significant floor space, they allow homeowners to add pieces to store away everyday clutter and create a cleaner space.

You Have a Personal Design Expert

In contemporary America, shopping for nearly anything on the Internet is possible. However, Sarasota residents have a distinct advantage when creating the perfect design aesthetic in their home – the Monarch Murphy Bed showroom. Owner Shelly Renee schedules personal appointments with each client to ensure they are afforded the knowledge they need to make the best choice for their home.

She will work with your dimensions, ask questions about your lifestyle, and offer solutions based on your budget. During your visit, you will have the freedom to browse the selection and try out the beds and ask any questions regarding how each style will work within your space. Shelly Renee is an experienced expert that provides valuable design advice. She and her team will ensure your bed is delivered and installed professionally. We guarantee you will not have a better purchasing experience anywhere.

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