How Much Do You Know? 6 Murphy Bed FAQs

If 2024 is the year you look into a Murphy bed for your home or rental property, it’s best to learn as much as you can about the product. You may not realize just how much function and capability you can add to your space, or how affordable it can be to add another “bedroom.” As we begin to settle into the new year, we thought it would be helpful to revisit some of the Murphy bed FAQs that our past clients were most surprised by.

murphy beds with shelves

6 Surprising Murphy Bed FAQs

  1. Are Murphy beds worth the investment? Interior designers consider Murphy beds to be one of the smartest and most versatile investments for homeowners. These pieces can easily fit into a small room and make it seem larger, optimizing the floor space. A Murphy bed will last as long as any “conventional” bed and provide comfortable accomodations without sacrificing styles or design.
  2. Is Murphy bed construction durable enough to utilize every day? While most consider a Murphy bed to be an accessory for guests,  these beds are often purchased by those in tiny homes or studio apartments. A Murphy bed can be employed as a standard, everyday bed – only folded when extra space is needed.
  3. Will Murphy bed mattresses last as long as other mattresses? As long as your Murphy bed mattress fits properly into the cabinet when closed, it should last as long as any other mattress in your home. For additional information on the best mattresses for your particular bed, ask your showroom consultant for advice.
  4. How can I justify the higher cost of a Murphy bed? While true that Murphy beds typically cost more than conventional beds, their multi-functionality often more than makes up for the cost difference. Murphy beds may also function as full-sized desks, bookcases with shelving, or cabinets that provide extra storage in place of dressers. Homeowners can purchase side piers that make additional pieces of furniture unnecessary. In other words, one piece may represent an entire room of furniture. Given that Murphy beds can transform any room into another bedroom, homeowners can turn a 2-BR home into a 3-BR home easily.
  5. Is the mechanism of a Murphy bed easy to operate? There are two mechanisms that are typically installed with Murphy beds. Spring lift mechanisms utilize heavy-duty steel springs that raise and lower the bed with controlled tension. Pistons control the user’s ability to raise and lower the bed in a similar manner, but contain  fewer moving parts that can wear out. Although installed pistons can’t be readjusted, reputable manufacturers provide lifetime guarantees and replacement pistons if necessary.
  6. Where is the best place to purchase a Murphy bed? Many online furniture retailers can sell you a Murphy bed, but there are several reasons not to go that route. For proper installation, the room and the furniture must be correctly measured – and should be professionally installed to ensure the integrity of the piece and the safety of its operation. Purchasing from a local Murphy bed showroom gives homeowners the opportunity to raise and lower the beds for themselves.  At Monarch Murphy Beds, purchasing a bedfrom our showroom also provides access to a design consultant who can help you to select the best bed for their lifestyle. Perhaps the best reason to purchase a Murphy bed in person is that a local company can arrange delivery and safe installation of your new bed.

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