How to Make a Murphy Bed Inviting

If you grew up with grandparents who had a Murphy bed in their home, you may have outdated ideas about what this particular piece of furniture looks like. Decades ago, these beds were primarily made of lightweight metal and thin mattresses. However, modern Murphy beds offer sturdy construction and solid design while offering exceptional diversity in style and function. These beds are far from what you remember; we promise you that. In fact, with a bit of imagination, a Murphy bed can be one of the most inviting items in your home. Here are some of our favorite ideas for making your new Murphy bed the centerpiece of any room.

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Go For Real Wood: Like any piece of furniture, consumers have various options – from cheap and inexpensive to well-made. Some Murphy beds are made of particle board, which may appear like wood from a distance. However, the material is not nearly as durable and can deteriorate or break down after just a small amount of wear and tear. Real wood construction guarantees that your bed is solid and reliable for years while infusing the room with classic beauty.

Engage with Color: Another way to make your Murphy bed inviting is to go beyond the basics. While the rich tones of natural wood can considerably warm up a room, color variations can spice up your design. Whether a clean, crisp white or a cool cobalt blue, your Murphy bed can reflect the design aesthetics of your room and home. Given that the bed will be a prominent feature in the space, choosing just the right palette will make a significant difference.

Play with Side Piers: When you purchase a Murphy bed, you have the option to add side piers – accessories that expand your storage, shelf space, and functionality. These units can be decorated with fresh flowers or green plants that create a serene atmosphere and purify the air quality, with a collection of books that reflect your interests or with personal photos or artwork that express your personality.

Optimize the Real Estate: There are many Murphy bed designs to choose from. When opened, most reveal space or an open area above the headboard that is perfect for a bold piece of art or innovative wall design. The bed can close without removing anything from the wall. Depending on your chosen model, you will also have open panels to mount a TV or wall monitor, which never has to be removed. In this way, whether open or closed, your bed is the design centerpiece of the room.

Splurge on the Linens: Sometimes, people use their old linens in the guest room, which may be especially tempting when the bed is hidden away most of the time. But there is no better way to make guests feel welcome than to have beautiful, bold linens on your bed. When expecting a visitor and preparing the bed, you can feel confident that their time with you is luxurious and comfortable.

Use a Designer to Make Your Room More Inviting

One of the best ways to create a warm and inviting sleeping area is to work with an interior design professional when purchasing a Murphy bed – but you can’t find that expertise everywhere.

At Monarch Murphy Beds, owner Shelly Renee works personally with every client who visits our North Sarasota showroom. From the initial call until the final installation, you’ll benefit from her decades of interior design expertise to ensure you get the bedroom you envisioned. Call today to schedule an appointment and see why Monarch Murphy Beds has quickly become Sarasota’s premiere seller of quality Murphy beds.