Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential to support brain performance, mood, and overall health. In our busy world, sleep is often elusive for many. But getting adequate sleep involves more than the hours we manage to close our eyes – sleep quality and achieving uninterrupted, consistent, and refreshing sleep is just as important.

Great sleep is essential for everyone, even those who are on vacation. What is the best option when you are hosting family or friends and need to offer them a place to sleep? For most, the choices include a couch, an air mattress, or a spare bed.
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Sleep on a Couch

Mattresses are designed to support spinal alignment and alleviate any pain and discomfort. A couch cannot offer that same experience. While sleeping on a couch might be a good option for a night or two, couch sleeping may cause neck or back pain over the longer term. Since sofas are not designed for sleeping, they don’t provide the necessary support for quality sleep. Stomach sleepers, in particular, may find it challenging to sleep on a couch, and This is because both arms should be in the same position when asleep, and the sofa often lacks the space to sleep in such a way as to avoid neck and shoulder pain.

Sleep on an Air Mattress

There are many reasons that sleeping on an air mattress can sabotage quality sleep.

  • Air mattresses transfer motion more than other mattresses. When an impact occurs in one area of the solid air surface, it moves across the entire mattress. This can result in an uncomfortable experience when sleeping with another person. Further, the air in the mattress takes on the properties of the surrounding temperature, causing the bed to become too hot or cold. While this is more problematic on cold floors (not often a problem in Florida homes), it can still make the mattress uncomfortable.
  • Inflatable beds always harbor a risk of the mattress deflating overnight as one sleeps. Every air mattress loses air at some point and requires re-inflating.
  • Air mattresses are also prone to holes and leaks that need repair, often at inopportune times.

Both couches and air mattresses can be problematic for certain people, such as those who are pregnant. They are also impractical for those with weight problems, arthritic issues, or back pain.

The Spare Bedroom

A better alternative to the last two options is a traditional bed and quality mattress. Offering a comfortable bed is a luxury some homeowners do not have, however, as they may not have a spare bedroom. Research has shown that fewer people than ever have an extra room since the pandemic, as many employees have shifted to working remotely and have utilized spare bedrooms as office space.

Murphy Beds Address Every Problem

If you love to entertain or have friends and family visiting occasionally, a Murphy bed may be the best of all worlds. A Murphy bed offers a conventional sleeping experience with quality, full-sized mattresses and plenty of sleeping space. Because the mattress is just as supportive and comfortable as a traditional bed, guests with bad backs won’t have to endure soft cushions and unsupportive surfaces.

Because of their creative design, the Murphy bed can provide a comfortable sleeping experience without filling otherwise needed square footage in the home. Homeowners can use the piece as a desk or bookcase during the day and accommodate visitors at night – solving the problem of where everything can get done.

If you want to provide your guests and relatives with a quality night’s sleep but haven’t yet found your solution – call Monarch Murphy Beds for your personal tour of our North Sarasota showroom.