Low Ceilings and Ceiling Fans

Sarasota real estate is highly prized, and many of our most coveted neighborhoods offer classic, historic homes built over the decades. Many of the homes built in the 1970s have characteristically low ceilings, at least by today’s standards – but the popular retro feel, mature neighborhoods, and fantastic location make these properties hotter than ever.
Another common design reality of these homes is that they don’t have excess square footage. As area homes often only offer two or three bedrooms, today’s consumers use creative choices to maximize their space. The perfect solution is a Murphy bed that allows homeowners to create a truly multi-functional room – office by day and bedroom by night. But in case you are concerned that the low ceilings can be problematic, we have good news. You can easily incorporate a wall bed into your space if you have the right advice on choosing the perfect piece.

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Dealing with Low Ceilings

Horizontal Wall Beds
The beauty of the modern Murphy bed is that many different styles and designs are available. Murphy beds offer both vertical and horizontal configurations, with matching side piers that increase the functionality if you don’t have the height to work with. For instance, a horizontal Murphy bed with an executive desk fits in almost any space – you need only to pull the front down over the desk, leaving your work in place while you get a comfortable night’s rest.

The horizontal Murphy bed is one of the best options for rooms with low ceilings, often offering the lowest wall profile as the cabinet is parallel to the floor – allowing them to fit even in mid-century homes. But even with the lower design, a horizontal wall bed incorporates all the popular features that make a Murphy bed such a functional piece of furniture. The most common models of this type of bed offer a full-sized desk when closed, allowing those in smaller homes to have the best of both worlds.

Adding Storage and Functionality

Cabinet beds may sometimes have more compact dimensions, but it is easy to customize them to accommodate your needs. Because a low ceiling limits the height of the bed and not the width, a popular solution is adding optional cabinets with feature combinations that include adjustable shelves, drawers, pull-out trays, and filing cabinets. These cabinets are called piers and are an excellent way to ensure that even with a low ceiling, your Murphy bed provides all the form and functionality you expect.

The Dilemma of Ceiling Fans

Even with air conditioning, many Florida homeowners know the value of a good ceiling fan to keep the air moving on a hot, sticky night. Many prospective Murphy bed owners worry that their bed won’t clear the ceiling fan when opened, but this is rarely too much of an issue. Because of the way Murphy beds are designed, the bed lowers from a lower height than the overall profile of the piece. Most rooms can still accommodate a Murphy bed, but we won’t leave you wondering if you made the right choice.

At Monarch Murphy Beds, you’ll provide us with any relevant dimensions before you even begin your search for a suitable model. Based on your rough measurements, we can apply our years of expertise to provide a short list of the beds that should fit your space – you won’t choose a bed that won’t work for your needs. And once you have selected your bed, we will personally arrange the shipping and professionally install the piece for you. You will experience the peace of mind our knowledge brings without guesswork or uncertainty.

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