Murphy Bed Installation FAQs

We talk a lot about design and style, and Murphy beds have both of those attributes in abundance. But when buying furniture – no matter how beautiful it is – there are still practical details that need to be discussed. When it comes to Murphy bed installation, there are several questions that most consumers have. At Monarch Murphy Beds, we are committed to providing an excellent experience from start to finish. With that in mind, here are some of the (less aesthetic) questions that our customers have about purchasing a Murphy bed for their home.

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First Things First – Get Hands-On

Unless you are a Murphy bed connoisseur, it is likely that you are not completely up to date on the many decisions you have to make when purchasing this particular piece. From deciding between springs or pistons or understanding clearance requirements – it is incredibly beneficial to be able to see these beds in action before making your decision. Visiting a showroom is an invaluable part of the purchase process – you can try out the bed for comfort, experience how easily it folds away and stores, and begin to truly visualize the potential of your space.

In addition, when you tour a showroom, you can ask to speak with an experienced designer who will help you evaluate the dimensions of the room you are considering and determine which bed might be the right option for your budget and lifestyle.

Common Questions Regarding Murphy Bed Installation

  • Is a certain type of flooring necessary to accommodate a Murphy bed? Homeowners can install a Murphy bed on many different types of flooring, including tile, wood or carpet. The most important requirement of your flooring is that it is level.
  • Does a Murphy bed require professional installation? For several reasons, you should always insist that a professional install your Murphy bed. Because the bed is large and heavy – and moves up and down – it is critical to verify that the composition of the wall, such as stud placement and weight-bearing ability, is properly determined. For a Murphy bed to be as safe as possible, an experienced professional should perform the installation.
  • Is a DIY installation possible? To guarantee safety for your family – as well as to protect the function and longevity of the bed – a professional install is required. These experts don’t just deliver and set up a bed – they assess the home’s floors and walls to ensure that the bed can be used safely for years to come. Experienced installers will also make sure that springs or pistons exhibit the right tension so that the bed folds away safely and remains in place when not in use. Expert Tip: For those not wanting professional installation, a freestanding cabinet bed is likely a better and safer option as it does not present any structural or weight-bearing concerns.
  • How much wall space is required to install a Murphy bed? It should come as no surprise that the amount of space you’ll need depends entirely on the size and style of the bed you choose. When you work with Monarch Murphy Beds, we will discuss the dimensions we will need before you visit the showroom so that when you are here, we can help you make a choice that will be a good fit for your space. This is another way that working with a seller who offers interior design expertise will be invaluable – you don’t want to have a Murphy bed installed only to find out that it is too big for the space.
  • Likewise, how much floor space and clearance are needed to install a Murphy bed? Most beds will have a length that falls within 6 to 7 feet and 3 to 7 feet in width, depending on the size of the bed (twin, full, or queen). These are all details that can be discussed at your appointment, and your choice may be determined by the exact dimensions of your room. Most Murphy beds do not require excessive clearance to open safely. As long as the bed’s height is appropriate, ceiling fans and light fixtures will not be an issue.

Insist on Professional Murphy Bed Installation

Monarch Murphy Beds is owned and operated by Shelly Renee, an experienced interior design expert dedicated to customer experience. Call today to learn more and to schedule your personal tour of our showroom. From the first call to the final installation, you’ll love the service and knowledge we offer Sarasota consumers.