Murphy Bed Models for Every Style

If you follow us in this space, you know that Murphy bed models encompass a wide range of design styles and aesthetics. Regardless of your available space, desired lifestyle, and overall budget, you are likely to find a suitable bed for your home. In this article, we will focus on a few of the most popular Murphy bed models in our Sarasota showroom – and we hope you are inspired to call us for your own personal tour and consultation.

Murphy Bed Models for 5 Styles

  1. Country Style: The Yellowstone is a rustic design, with a cabinet made to exude a barn door appeal. The bed is made from Birch and Maple and offers multiple veneer options Рincluding natural wood grains, shades of slate gray and blue, and alabaster/white.  Another excellent choice that will showcase your love for the country lifestyle is the Farm House, featuring faux hinges and barn doors. If you love breezes through an open window and fresh-cut flowers, you might love the Yellowstone or Farm House models. Farm House Wall Bed
  2. Academic Style: The Library Bed combines the best of both worlds for people who want to stay up all night reading. When closed, the bed houses all of your favorite page-turners on bi-fold doors that appear as a standard bookcase. When you fold the doors back, the bed easily lowers, controlled by a piston mechanism that keeps the process safe. The bed is made from alder wood or oak and can be stained in a variety of colors. This Murphy bed has an aesthetic reminiscent of the old-school home libraries – and will be the perfect addition to a bookworm’s favorite oasis.
  3. Fashionista Style: Just because a room is small or of minimalist design doesn’t mean that we should go without the basics – and what fashion icon doesn’t need a great mirror? These specific Murphy bed models are covered by a full-length mirror, perfect for getting ready for work or a first date. Because of this specialized function, the Looking Glass model is only available in a vertical orientation. Looking Glass models are constructed of real maple or oak and come in a variety of natural and neutral finishes. If your morning routine consists of a couple of twirls in front of the mirror, the Looking Glass is a perfect choice.Looking Glass Wall Bed
  4. Executive Boss Style: You may sleep like a baby at night, but during the day, you are all business. Although we have many Murphy bed models that transform into desks, the Ryland is one of our most popular models. Constructed of either birch or maple wood, the Ryland offers neutral, natural and cobalt blue finishes. The best feature of the Ryland is that you can pull down and utilize the bed without disturbing any of the work on your desk. While that is definitely a power move, resist the urge to work through the night. Open up your Murphy bed and get a good night’s sleep. After all, tomorrow is another busy day! (If you need a bit more space somtimes but work won’t wait, check out our Rolling Desk options.)

    Ryland Desk Bed w/ Hutch

  5. Minimalist Style: Let’s face it – you love a wide-open room, but you don’t want to sacrifice elegance or comfort. Enter the Belgium Cabinet Bed, a sleek addition to any tiny home or guest room that needs some additional accommodation. These unique beds do not attach to the wall but instead feature a low profile and useful surface. Although not your typical Murphy bed, the cabinet bed offers the same design versatility. Belgium Cabinet Bed

At Monarch Murphy Beds, we are committed to helping our clients make the right Murphy bed choices for their homes and lifestyles. We invite you to visit our showroom to view these Murphy bed models in person, and to speak with an experienced designer who advised hundreds of happy clients in their purchase.