Murphy Bed Safety Recommendations

Murphy beds provide an excellent space-saving solution for your home or apartment, but many people continue to worry about Murphy bed safety. This article will explain how to dispel this largely unfounded fear and feel safe with your Murphy bed purchase.

5 Key Murphy Bed Safety Tips

  1. Don’t Settle for a Cheap Murphy Bed: The most crucial step to ensure that you buy a safe Murphy bed is choosing a reputable manufacturer that uses high-quality parts and materials. While buying a second-hand Murphy bed from a private seller may seem attractive, you risk mechanical issues, deteriorated parts, or incorrect installation. You may also wish to consider the material used in construction – natural wood is far more durable than particle board.
  2. Have Your Bed Professionally Installed: To guarantee that the Murphy bed you purchase is as safe as possible, make sure a trained professional is in charge of the process. An experienced installer will ensure the bed is assembled correctly and reduce the risk of safety concerns related to inadequate construction. For instance, a professional installer will ensure proper attachment to the wall, which can damage both the bed and the wall.
  3. Opt for a Hydraulic Lift Mechanism: Choosing a Murphy bed with a hydraulic piston system not only prevents the frame from dropping too quickly from the upright position, but the pistons can also facilitate lifting the bed into the vertical position. While spring mechanisms provide adequate tension to avoid danger, the bed can be more unwieldy and difficult to raise without hydraulics.
  4. Utilize Safety Locks: All high-quality Murphy beds will feature safety locks that permit the bed to be secured upright to avoid opening or falling. Safety locks are especially essential for Murphy beds without a hydraulic lift mechanism or properly tightened spring hinges because they can fall due to the lack of a gravitational counterforce.
  5. Buy the Right Mattress: To avoid wearing out the hinges and joints and minimize the risk of the bed becoming damaged, purchase a mattress compatible with your specific Murphy bed’s specifications. You can choose a Murphy bed with its own mattress – or research a properly sized mattress that allows you to fold the bed up without straining the mechanisms. Most Murphy beds won’t easily accommodate a mattress thicker than 12 inches, but you can check the bed’s description and recommended specifications before buying a mattress.

Expert Tip: When you purchase a Murphy bed from a consultant at a showroom, they can provide you with the information needed to ensure you also buy a proper mattress. They will determine the correct size mattress for those who wish to fold the bed with the comforter, pillows, and bed sheets still in place. This is critical, as too much bedding can prevent the owner from locking the Murphy bed safely in the upright position or place excessive strain on the hinges when forced shut.

Common Safety FAQs

Murphy beds have evolved significantly since your grandparents owned them. Here are the most common questions people have about Murphy bed safety.

Can a Murphy bed be dangerous? The chances of a correctly assembled and installed Murphy bed causing severe harm are very low. Murphy beds are designed to be safe, designed with piston or spring mechanisms and safety locks.

Can a Murphy bed trap someone inside? Again, it is improbable that a modern, properly installed Murphy bed will fold up with anyone inside it because of the weight on the bed relative to the counterforce of the pistons or hinges.

Will a Murphy bed drop suddenly? A Murphy bed will only drop down suddenly if a strong spring or hydraulic system is not present – but all modern Murphy beds include these features.

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