Murphy Bed Shopping – Visit a Showroom!

If you have ever wondered whether a Murphy bed is the right choice for your home, you’ve likely had plenty of questions. Buying a Murphy bed differs from buying a regular bed, and homeowners often have questions regarding comfort, space requirements, installation, and design options.  While you can purchase a Murphy bed online, you miss out on the expertise and guidance of someone who can answer your practical questions. At Monarch Murphy Beds, we take pride in educating our clients about all they need to know to make an informed purchase when they visit our showroom. 

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Questions to Ask When Visiting a Murphy Bed Showroom

Do Murphy beds have many styles to choose from? You may be surprised at just how many styles of Murphy beds are available – in fact, hundreds of combinations of functionality, design, finishes, and wood types exist. You can choose a bed that transforms into an executive desk, bookcase, or dining table. You can add cabinets or side piers and extras such as lighting and electrical and USB outlets. A trip to our North Sarasota showroom will open your eyes to the possibilities.

Are Murphy beds safe? Contemporary Murphy beds are designed to be extremely safe. Many models feature pistons and hydraulic systems that regulate the speed, precision, and ease of the bed’s functionality. However, to truly guarantee safety, it’s also imperative to have your Murphy bed professionally installed.

Why should I choose a Murphy bed over a sofa bed? A Murphy bed typically folds up into a cabinet or frame that is permanently attached to the wall, while a sofa bed is hidden under the cushions of your sofa. One of the most significant differences is comfort. Murphy beds offer full-sized mattresses that don’t require folding for storage, meaning they can retain a firmer structure than a sofa bed. Sofa beds are notoriously uncomfortable, while a Murphy bed provides a comfortable sleeping experience akin to sleeping in a conventional bed.

How hard is it to set up a Murphy bed? Murphy beds are designed to be raised and lowered easily, even by one person. It can take less than two minutes to pull down a Murphy bed and prepare for a good night’s sleep – and the mechanism makes storing the bed just as easy. One of the most significant benefits of buying a Murphy bed at a local showroom is that you can test out the beds yourself and practice raising and lowering any models you are interested in.

Can I test out a Murphy bed? As mentioned above, visiting a showroom is one of the best ways to have confidence in your purchase. You can view the available styles, speak with an expert designer, and even try the bed’s mechanisms to be assured of how easy they are to operate. Not only that, you’ll be inspired by the transformation from an executive desk or bookcase to a comfortable guest bed – and there is nothing like seeing it in person!

Does a Murphy bed need professional installation? Scheduling a professional installation is recommended for Murphy beds. A trained installer can assess the placement and setting and consider the wall’s load capacity and any flooring variations. Monarch Murphy Beds arranges the professional installation of every bed we sell, and you can be sure it will be done correctly and safely.

How much room do I need to install a Murphy bed? There are many different Murphy bed styles to choose from, and dimensions may vary. Typically, a bed will need between 6 and 8 feet lengthwise and will take up the same width as its corresponding conventional bed (twin, double, queen).

When you meet with Monarch Murphy Beds to discuss a potential purchase and installation, you know that your bed will be a perfect fit. Owner Shelly Renee is an experienced interior designer who works with clients to determine correct measurements, the best location and placement in the room, and many other design tips to optimize your purchase. The wall space needed to install a Murphy bed will depend on the size of the Murphy bed you’re considering installing. A reasonable estimate is that you’ll need 1 to 3 feet of depth to accommodate the bed when stored away.

Can I be sure the Murphy bed will match my home decor? Murphy beds are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, so you can make a choice that ties into your home’s current décor. A Murphy bed can look like an armoire, a bookshelf, or an executive desk, allowing it to blend into any room.

Visit Monarch Murphy Beds in North Sarasota

If you are considering a Murphy bed purchase – or simply looking into furniture alternatives for your home – we invite you to schedule your tour of our Sarasota showroom. There is no substitute for viewing these innovative beds in person, and we look forward to working with you!