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Invest in a Real Wood Murphy Bed

Furniture constructed from real wood offers homeowners significant benefits that make it an excellent choice, no matter the home’s interior design.

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6 Tips for a Profitable Rental Property

Given that Sarasota is a popular destination for millions of Americans, a rental property may be an excellent investment for those looking for additional income.

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A Beach Inspired Sarasota Bedroom

If you own a home and want to create a beach-inspired guest room or Airbnb, here are some ways to create the perfect tropical oasis.

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Van Life and Murphy Beds

Van life and tiny homes have become trendy minimalist lifestyles for digital nomads, social media influencers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

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5 Ways to Achieve Deep Sleep

Sarasota is a desirable vacation destination, and those who live here often entertain visitors. With so much to do every day, providing a good night’s sleep is essential – but the couch or a futon may not be adequate to achieve the rest we humans require. In this article, we discuss the importance of deep …

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Designing a Bedroom On a Budget

Those looking for creative ways to utilize a Murphy bed on a budget should speak with a professional designer who knows their product.

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3 Weird (But Cool) Furniture Facts

The furniture you choose defines your home’s personality, but few people think about the history and science of the pieces that fill their space.