Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle

The (Not So) Secret Life of Murphy Beds

But while we often focus on the “bed” part of Murphy beds, this furniture is masquerading during the day as beautifully designed pieces with other functions.

Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle

5 Ways to Up Your Guest Room Game

Not everyone has the option to set aside a guest room, and out-of-town visitors are often relegated to the couch or an air mattress in the living room.

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The Downsizing and Minimalizing Trend

Whether you are motivated by saving money, reducing your footprint, or simplifying your life – less is more, and downsizing is the hottest trend.

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Low Ceilings and Ceiling Fans

But in case you are concerned that the low ceilings can be problematic, we have good news. You can easily incorporate a wall bed into your space if you have the right advice on choosing the perfect piece.

Murphy beds made from real wood, Monarch Murphy Beds

Choosing Real Wood or Particle Board

Real wood furniture is typically characterized by sturdy construction, such as dovetail joints, rather than relying solely on glue or staples.

Murphy beds, Monarch Murphy Beds

Spring vs. Piston Lift Mechanisms

While spring systems may suffice, piston lift systems offer advantages such as ease of use, safety locking, and lifetime guarantees.