The Feng Shui of Bedroom Design

Feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy and translated to “wind-water,” is a traditional practice that originated in Ancient China. It purports to utilize energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Landscapes and bodies of water were believed to steer the flow of the universal Qi—”cosmic current” or energy—through places and structures. In modern times, the principles of feng shui are often used to design a harmonious home, making minor adjustments that create a more peaceful, balanced energy.

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Feng Shui for the Bedroom

To design authentic feng shui in a bedroom, the concept of “less is more” applies. This translates to as little clutter as possible, no electronics, and nothing out of place. Here are some of the other aspects to consider.

Position of the Bed: Your first step in designing good feng shui is to properly position your bed. According to the ancient principles, the bed should be placed in a “commanding position” with the headboard against a solid wall. This means that when lying in bed, you should be able to see the door – or place a mirror so that the reflection of the door can be seen from the bed. However, the bed should never be directly across from the door, and feet should never point towards the door. The rules of feng shui advise that lying down with your head pointing southward is optimal. The size and floorplan of your bedroom will determine whether that’s possible.

Did You Know? In feng shui, stability and support in romantic relationships are represented by a solid, securely attached headboard.

Clean, Decluttered Space: Whenever possible, clear the space under the bed so that the qi (life force energy) can move evenly and freely around the bed, rejuvenating the mind and body as you sleep. If the space cannot be completely cleared, be thoughtful about the items you store around and under the bed. Storing sleep-related items such as linens and pillows is an appropriate option, as are inspirational books and letters from loved ones. Feng shui indicates that shoes, luggage, and bags should never be stored around a bed, as they represent movement and restlessness.

Create Symmetry: Symmetry inspires a balanced energy in the bedroom. Allowing for equal amounts of space on either side of the bed is preferable, as are matching nightstands and lamps. The nightstands present a complementary and balanced design that represents more harmony in a relationship.

Utilize Neutral Colors: The optimal feng shui bedroom hues are neutral and relaxing – such as beiges, creams, and earthy tones. If you are in need of vitality and restoration, opt for cool blues and pale greens. Partnership energy can be brought in with pink, red, or white accessories or artwork.

Separate Your Bed and Desk: Having your computer and work materials right within sight of the bed can make it more difficult to “shut off” your brain in the evening – and the inverse applies during the day. Having a bed within sight while working can make you feel tired. If you don’t have another room to create a dedicated office, consider a Murphy bed that functions as a desk during the day – and transforms into a bed at night, hiding all of your work away.

Add the Right Number of Plants: Feng shui aficionados don’t all agree on the topic of plants in the bedroom. Some think that living green plants represent good feng shui because they infuse vibrant energy, while others believe that plants add too much energy to permit restful sleep. A good compromise is to add one or two plants that will thrive in your bedroom’s conditions. (If you disagree, here are three of the best plants to add to your room. )

Electronics-Free Zone: Although this is a contemporary addition to an ancient system, modern feng shui acknowledges that electronic and magnetic fields can disrupt both sleep patterns and immune function. Therefore, all electronics such as televisions, computers and cell phones should be removed when it is time to turn in.

Murphy Beds and Bedroom Design

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