The (Not So) Secret Life of Murphy Beds

We all understand that a Murphy bed is a space-saving option to maximize the square footage in your home. It turns a two-bedroom house into a three-bedroom residence, allows you to add a home office, and gives you space for the kids to play during the day. But while we often focus on the “bed” part of Murphy beds, this furniture is masquerading during the day as beautifully designed pieces with other functions.

Let’s look at the many ways that your Murphy bed may be utilized when it’s not providing a good night’s sleep.
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Murphy Beds – Their Dual Functions

One of the best ways to truly understand the genuine functionality of a Murphy bed is to visit our Sarasota showroom and browse our inventory. We know you will be pleasantly surprised at the robust ways that Murphy beds beautifully facilitate your lifestyle.

Office Desks: During the COVID pandemic, many people were forced to create makeshift office spaces quickly. For many people, this involved using the dining room or kitchen table or sitting on their couch. As restrictions eased, many companies allowed their employees to remain at home permanently or to choose a hybrid work situation. Many employees, having experienced the benefits of working flexibly from home, are now doing their jobs from their residences. When their temporary status became permanent, workers needed to create a more sustainable and efficient workspace in their homes. Today’s Murphy beds provide full-sized executive desks – with electrical and USB ports – that can be transformed into a sleeping space without moving a file or computer monitor, creating a genuinely transformative home office.

Bookcases and Storage: Smaller homes with minimal space typically lack needed storage as well. Small rooms often cannot accommodate the cabinet or dresser capacity as large pieces of furniture do not fit. The right Murphy bed can offer the shelf space and storage needed to display your belongings during the day and be able to sleep at night without taking anything off the shelf. Bookcase beds offer the shelving real estate you need without taking up any additional floor space.

Table Beds: One of the more unexpected usages for a Murphy bed is as a dining room table for a small apartment or studio. When the bed is closed, a small table folds down that can provide an eating area or workspace accommodating a single person or couple. In small spaces, it can be challenging to fit multiple pieces of furniture, and this option provides the ability to have a friend over for lunch without having to purchase and fit in a dining set.

Piers Add Functionality: Customizing your Murphy bed is as easy as choosing additional pieces that augment its usage, including flanking bookcases, dresser drawers, and side tables. You can replace the need for separate pieces and maximize the square footage available to you.

Rethink Furniture Shopping

If you have a small home or apartment to furnish, begin your shopping at Monarch Murphy Beds. Our wide range of options may allow you to purchase fewer furniture pieces, saving you money and space while giving you all the necessary functionality.

It’s easy to get started on finding the perfect piece of furniture for your home. Call Monarch Murphy Beds for an initial consultation to determine your needs, and then schedule your tour of our North Sarasota showroom. Browse the options available to you, and raise and lower the beds for yourself – we can’t wait to introduce you to our inspiring line of Murphy beds. From start to finish, owner Shelly Renee will lend her knowledge and expertise to ensure you purchase the best bed for your situation.