The Unexpected Rise of the Murphy Bed

Murphy beds were once considered a novelty of sorts, seen by many as a niche piece of furniture only seen in urban studio apartments. However, the pandemic caused a consciousness shift in myriad ways – and the Murphy bed is one of the more surprising benefactors of the lifestyle changes we experienced.

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A Designer’s Recommendation

In 2020 and in the throes of lockdown, interior designer Anita Yokota installed a Murphy bed to accommodate her new work-from-home reality. She created a post about her new bed which went viral, and millions of new Murphy bed fans were born.

Her readers resided in houses and homes of all shapes and sizes. Once convinced that the modern styles were stylish and comfortable, consumers were intrigued by their space-saving appeal. And although many people have not actually seen a modern Murphy bed in person, they are interested in optimizing the functionality and design of the places they call home.

How the Pandemic Helped to Reintroduce The Murphy Bed

Like the famous designer, in 2020, many people were adjusting to their new reality of living and working in the same real estate, not to mention having children home from school.

People could no longer visit a gym or pursue any social activities. Creating areas in the home to accommodate these activities became essential. Individuals, couples, and families could only sit at their kitchen tables or trip over free weights for so long. It was a natural evolution to find innovative ways to utilize the space available to them, optimizing available square footage in new and creative ways.

Murphy beds were an obvious solution to designing multi-functional spaces in existing floor plans. But now, with the pandemic behind us, we are seeing that the Murphy bed is far from a trend or a short-term solution. In fact, these beds have entered the collective consciousness and are now integrated into tiny homes, RVs, and apartments – not to mention being a must-have furniture item for minimalists. But Murphy beds are also popular with people with more spacious homes. They have become such a prolific solution because how we live our lives has changed forever.

One of the more seismic cultural shifts has been the work-from-home phenomenon. Many employees simply never returned to work and instead set up a home office. Some decided to start a home business, while others continued homeschooling and never sent their children back to school.

In other words, no matter the size of our house, we wanted more functionality from our space than we ever have in the past.

A Convergence of Demand and Supply Lead to the Murphy Bed

Those rediscovering the Murphy bed (or learning about them for the first time) are typically surprised at the sheer variety available to them.

Murphy beds can be purchased as twin beds for children or Queen sized for couples. When closed, they can appear as an armoire, a bookcase, a craft table, or an executive desk. They are available in a spectrum of colors, stains, and finishes. They are sold in diverse styles that will add whimsy, sophistication, or elegance to your space.

Murphy beds are high-quality furniture pieces that add style in any scenario – large or small space, guest room or living room, everyday bed, or guest accommodation. In short, Murphy beds create a more livable and functional space no matter the size or type of home.

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