Versatile Furniture in Home Design

Although the current Sarasota real estate market is delivering a lot of equity to longtime homeowners, many are choosing to stay in their homes rather than sell. In fact, by leveraging the equity that is now in their home, many residents are finding that they can redesign their homes rather than move. One of the primary ways that modern homeowners are choosing to change their lifestyle is to utilize versatile furniture that adds functionality to their homes. Today’s Murphy bed is one such piece of furniture – since it not only provides incredible functionality but also has diverse styles and designs that are sure to add the exact personality you desire.
Belgium Cabinet Bed in Ash

Let’s look at some of the most innovative ways that Murphy beds trump traditional bedroom sets and revolutionize small home design.

  1. Guest bedrooms—of course: The most common reason people look for Murphy beds is to create a functional, cozy guest room—whether or not the space actually exists for one. Depending on how many visitors you entertain, any room can double as a guest room—be it a home office, art studio, or sunroom. A Murphy bed is one piece of versatile furniture that allows you to quickly turn any room into comfortable guest accommodations.
  2. Find more floor space: When your home doesn’t offer enough floor space overall, it’s important to use any potential space prudently. Many guest sleeping solutions consume too much space and make it difficult to fit the other furniture or move around the room. However, a Murphy bed delivers unmatched versatility, with dual-purpose functionality that easily allows for extra space during the day. When not in use, the Murphy bed takes up minimal space and allows the room to function in its intended way.
  3. Minimalists rejoice! Studio apartments are cheaper than most living options these days, but they don’t allow for separate sleeping accommodations. This means the bed must be situated in a common area, such as next to the refrigerator or in the living room. Murphy beds make excellent use of minimal space, providing a full-size, comfortable bed while still allowing room for the couch, kitchen table, or work desk. The “tiny home trend,” still going strong after many years, is ideally suited for a Murphy bed, conserving floor space and providing storage in a very small area.
  4. Style on point: One of a Murphy bed’s most beneficial design features is its versatility – the sheer number of choices makes them the perfect fit for any home. The beds are available in an impressive spectrum of colors, and the styles range from sleek and modern to rustic country. Murphy beds are usually available in twin, double, queen, and king – but twin and queen sizes are the most popular among consumers. Homeowners can choose from natural Birch, Oak, Maple, or Alder wood and will love the palette of available finishes. This is versatile furniture at its finest!
  5. Real wood strength: Natural wood design makes a significant difference in the look of your home. Real wood is durable, organic, and beautiful – and will last much longer than particle board. (Read more about the benefits of real wood furniture here.)

Purchasing a Murphy bed can elevate your home’s space and function without the cost of a major construction project. This versatile furniture solution is perfect for anyone looking for a bed to fill their practical needs without overwhelming their space. When you assess everything a Murphy bed delivers, you’ll agree that it is a fantastic investment for your home.

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