Where are Design Trends Heading in 2024?

Three months into the new year, we are beginning to get a firm grasp on where interior design trends are heading in 2024. From cool color palettes to organic textures, style is emerging, and you don’t want to miss it. If you are redesigning your home this year – or just want to change a few details to freshen things up – here is what design experts have to say about the hottest design trends and best style choices.

  1. Blue is Back: From Valspar to Benjamin Moore, major manufacturers have showcased shades of blue in their favorite colors of 2024. Blue’s tranquil and calming nature is often cited as irreplaceable for bedrooms, but the color is making its way throughout the home as well. In addition to painted walls and wallpaper, slate, and grey-blue finishes are making a comeback for furniture pieces as well. Blues are even more meaningful here in the Sarasota area, where the color evokes waterfront, beachy vibes we love.
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  2. Big Artwork: For many years, “gallery walls” were very much the style – that is, walls covered with multiple framed photos or photo tiles. Experts point to a return to large pieces of artwork, both for simplicity and a cleaner, more streamlined, and modern look. One dominant piece of art can make a powerful statement – and while we may be biased, here at Monarch Murphy Beds, we love it when the opening of a Murphy bed reveals a beautiful and unexpected piece of art!
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  3. Dark Wood: Finishes are always trending one way or the other, but it seems that for 2024, homeowners are turning from whitewashed or blond woods in favor of rich, dark palettes. You can expect to see this trend in furniture, cabinetry, and flooring. The interior designers also point out one important aspect of this particular design choice – they recommend choosing real wood options for warmth and durability.
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  4. Organic Textures: Speaking of using real wood in your home, you cannot go wrong with making sustainable choices. The whole world is rediscovering the beauty and simplicity of nature, and the stark minimalism of recent years is being softened by organic, natural details. From hemp textiles to biophilic decor, from rattan to woven linens – designs inspired by the colors and textures of the great outdoors are definitely trending in 2024. Greenery always elevates the look of a room, and touches of driftwood or sea glass are perfect for a Sarasota guest room.
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  5. Layered Lighting: We live our lives under fluorescent bulbs and in front of glowing screens. It can be pretty tough on the eyes, and in Florida, the problem can be exacerbated by the bright sunlight that greets us when we go outdoors. It is no wonder that we associate low lighting with some of our most relaxing and cozy rooms. Interior design experts point to more intelligent ways to illuminate our spaces. This means moving away from lighting up the entire room with the flip of a switch and instead creating “zones” meant to achieve certain goals. Smaller areas of light over a bed, desk, or nook give your eyes a break while saving energy in the long run.
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Murphy Bed Options as Design Trends Change

At Monarch Murphy Beds, we understand that while trends may change, quality shouldn’t. We are proud to offer high-quality, real wood Murphy beds that offer solid style, functionality and beauty – no matter the current trend. No matter your home’s overall design, we have a bed that will fit right in.

Monarch Murphy Beds Owner Shelly Renee is an interior design expert who loves helping her clients create beautiful spaces. Call today to schedule a visit to our North Sarasota showroom.