Window Coverings for Sun and Sleeping

When people first move to the Sunshine State, they love the idea of sunlight streaming in through their windows all day. However, it only takes a few weeks in summer to realize that sometimes, we need to block the sun for a bit – whether to cool off the room, give the eyes a rest, protect the furniture or take a quick nap. Homeowners have a wide range of options when it comes to window coverings, and each is designed with different abilities to block or allow sunlight, ensure privacy or even protect the home in a storm.

Many people are also faced with the reality of dual-purpose rooms – offices or gyms that double as guest rooms when visitors arrive. (Read more here about upping your guest room game!) How do you cover the windows when you want a lot of sunlight most of the time, but you need to periodically provide a cozy space for sleeping? Here are some of the ways Sarasota residents design window treatments for their guest rooms.

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A Window Covering for Every Guest Room

Window Sheers: Heavy draperies are not typically popular in Sarasota, where the tropical vibe lends itself more to light, airy sheers than heavy curtains. Homeowners love window treatments that are clean, crisp and contemporary – following the minimalist trend that has overtaken home design. While past generations often employed sheer panels over heavier, more opaque curtains, Floridians opt for a breezier aesthetic. Layering different sheers allows the light to pass through into the room, while still offering privacy and minimizing harmful UV rays. Sheers are perfect whether the windows are open or closed, and can be pulled back easily to maximize views or allow for airflow. For those who want to offer a darker room for naps or relaxing, a shade can be installed as well – but only pulled down when needed.

Neutral Tones: Sarasota homeowners who prefer textiles and fabrics for their window coverings tend to lean towards materials that are not only light in color, but weight. The choice gives a modern, sophisticated vibe, while allowing for flexibility when it is time to redecorate. In other words, you can change the furniture without worrying about swapping out the window coverings as well. Simplicity of style is in, with most people rejecting loud patterns and colors in favor of subtle and casual fabrics. Those who must have patterns are choosing textural variations of neutrals rather than bold colors.

Plantation Shutters: These (typically) white shutters allow for both streaming sunlight and shady respites. With panels that can be adjusted to let in or block light, these “Key-West” style window treatments are perfect for Florida in every way.

Smart Window Coverings:  These days, technology is incorporated throughout the home, and window treatments are no exception. Homeowners with oversized windows are increasingly selecting motorized window treatments for an easy, convenient, everyday option. Window treatments can be battery operated or electrical – but the varieties that utilize batteries are less expensive and don’t require intricate electrical work to install. While technology allows for the raising and lowering of shades with the touch of a button, another variety of “window treatment” has also been automated. Forward-thinking and safety conscious homeowners have found ways to integrate hurricane protection into their design – with easy roll down shutters that effectively lock down the house, protecting it against hurricane force winds with very little effort.

Murphy Beds Offer Flexibility Too

The best window treatments are those that can adjust to different conditions and allow for various levels of light and privacy. Another way to create flexibility and style into your home is by installing a Murphy bed. In fact, this single piece of furniture may represent the best option for maximizing the functionality of your home. If you are looking for an affordable option to add a guest room without the expense of construction, call Monarch Murphy Beds today.

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